Sunday, June 30, 2024

Keep independence part of holiday

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for June 30, 2024)

Do you celebrate Independence Day or do you celebrate the Fourth of July instead?

It’s the difference between celebrating insurrection, secession, and the violent overthrow of a tyrannical government in the cause of independence, or demonstrating your loyalty to an even more tyrannical government and its the rest...
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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Extra rights for some don't exist

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for May 26, 2024)

If a police officer has the right to do something-- anything-- so do you. If you don't have the right to do it, then no one does. Not police officers, CIA agents, bureaucrats, or presidents. A job or a position can't create extra rights; there's no such thing as an extra right.

This is hard for many people to accept because those who benefit from the fantasy of extra rights work hard to brainwash the public into believing it.

The only reason those jobs exist is to hire someone to do things most people would rather not do for themselves. Yet the existence of the job doesn't remove your right to do the things you hire others to do. It can't.

Pretending otherwise is as silly as believing once you hire some kid to mow your lawn you have no right to mow it yourself anymore. And that his parents can throw you in a cage if you dare to do so.

There's no guarantee those servants are competent or can do it better than you could. Or that those jobs should be done at all.

What those jobs do create is illegitimate power over you and your life, liberty, and property. It's the same kind of power a mugger in a shadowy doorway has over you if he gets the drop on you. Having power doesn't make the power legitimate or make the actions right.

It's good I don't have the power to impose rules on my neighbors forbidding them from doing things I don't want them to do, but which violate no one's life, liberty, or property. It's also a good thing I don't have the power to kick in my neighbor's door to stop them from doing something which is prohibited by these rules I or my club dream up. This power is always abused when exercised, whether by a lone individual or by a collective such as society.

Or by an antisocial collective like a government or a mob.

Majority opinion can't change rights into wrongs or wrongs into rights. It can't legitimize invalid power or the attempt to protect and exercise such power. This is why democracy is nothing to fetishize or promote.

It's not safe to confront those addled with the notion of extra rights or illegitimate power. It's also not necessary. Once you see them for what they are, they become trivial to your life.

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Wasted potential

Putting a good, smart person into a government "job" is to waste their potential and their value. They could always do more good elsewhere. Always!

Those who are smart and good don't seek government positions. That's why they aren't on the ballot for you to choose. That's why they don't work for the IRS, the BATFE, or the DMV. That's why they don't become cops.

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Friday, June 28, 2024

Only because many people have guns

"Gun violence" is a political lie. Aggression is the problem, not violence. And it doesn't matter what tool an evil loser uses while committing aggression. Not to the outcome or to the victims.

Pointing out this reality makes anti-gun bigots uncomfortable. One told me "All the people who died in mass shootings alone don’t agree with you. Pretending it’s not an issue is the 'political lie'."

So I responded "Do you believe they would have preferred to be killed with another tool? Maybe axes? Or machetes? It's aggression, not the tool."

She came back at me with "That's a fun way to spin gun violence that doesn't exist in other countries. When people ask you if you like apples do you go down a list of every single fruit and why they need to talk about those?"

I knew some version of this would be the reply, and I was ready.
"Do you know why evil losers who want to murder a lot of people in America are forced to use guns, instead of using machetes or knives like they do in other countries? Because enough good people in America have guns that they couldn't get a "high enough" body count otherwise."

Evil losers planning a mass murder want a high body count, whether they plan to survive the event or not. This does inform their choice of tool. In a place populated with unarmed slaves, a knife is sufficient. In a place populated with potentially armed people, an evil loser armed only with a knife would likely die before he killed "enough" people to satisfy his lust for death and destruction. So, of course, he will choose a tool which is both available and would allow him to kill enough people before his aggressive reign of death is ended with violence. In this case he will usually choose a gun. Ban guns, or make it harder for good people to be armed, and he can use an axe, a machete, a knife, a baseball bat, or his bare hands.

And, of course, in either situation, the ones who want a really high body count will usually choose poison gas or a bomb.

Anyone using the lie of "gun violence" as an excuse to allow government to ration weapons is on the side of the mass murderers, whether they admit it or not. 

You don't make people safer by allowing the worst mass murderer in the history of the planet-- political government-- to ration or prohibit weapons to everyone but its own enforcers and death squads. It takes a powerful delusion to make someone believe it would. Statism is just such a delusion.

Three people I cared about have been murdered by evil losers using a gun. I don't blame the gun in any of those murders because I'm not an imbecile. I'm disappointed by those who apparently are.

(The link to this post was removed by FascistBook. They say it violated their standards. I requested a review. Want to bet they'll investigate themselves and find they did nothing wrong?)

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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Government's flag

In a comment, I responded to someone's lament about Holy Pole Quilt and how they usually wanted to respect it. I said there were things more worthy of respect than government's Holy Pole Quilt.
This elicited a response from someone else: “The flag is the People's. Not the governments [sic].”

Even if that were once true, it hasn't been true for a really long time. At least, in its earlier incarnations, since the 1860s.

What flag flies in every courtroom where liberty is sacrificed to government interests?
What flag flies over the buildings housing every government bureau and agency devoted to destroying liberty and violating the rights of Americans?
What flag flies at the White House, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court, and over every state government building?
What flag flies over every military base working to make you and I less safe by creating enemies all around the globe by violently imposing the Empire's wishes on the people of the world?
What flag is the focus of the nationalist socialist pledge?

What flag flies at the homes of those who worship the US federal government-- including those who think everything would be OK if government just followed the Constitution?
What flag flies at the houses of those who celebrate the Blue Line Gang and the government's military?
Sure, some people who don't support evil still fly it, but they are such a small minority that they don't change the percentages.

That pole quilt is the government's. 

I understand the desire to claim it as the people's flag. I know how it feels to have something you've loved corrupted and stolen from you. But, at this point, flying the US federal Holy Pole Quilt sends the message that you support the US. That's why, when you buy one, it normally says it is a "US flag", not an American flag. There is an American flag, but that ain't it.

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My AC has gone out for the second time in a month.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Playing a losing game with a cheater

Rights don’t come from government and rights won’t be protected by the Supreme Courtjesters. Even when they get it mostly right (Heller/Bruen) they leave just enough wrong in there for wiggle room so that they can protect government’s power (Rahimi) to do things no one has a right to do.

Relying on government-- any government-- to protect or respect your natural human rights is a losing game.

It's up to YOU to protect your rights by exercising them. Even if it doesn't always work, it's the only thing that can work.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Levels of awareness- government

I don’t think people realize just how deeply I don’t "believe in" government. 

Government, as a physical thing, doesn't exist and never has. It's a mind virus; a harmful hallucination. It is a hallucination I have nothing but contempt for.

Yes, I know some people use "government exists" as their excuse to bully and rob, but that’s all it is: an excuse. There’s nothing even slightly legitimate about it. Thugs are thugs, regardless of their justification. It's just sad when their victims ignorantly go along with their "reasons" because they believe in government to some degree.

You can tell how aware (of the nature of government) a person is by how they think of it.

Corpse-level awareness: "Government is good, inevitable, and necessary/"

Low-level awareness: "I don't like what this government is doing in this situation. If only it would restore the Constitution."

Mid-level awareness: "Government is naturally corrupt."

High-level awareness: "This isn't corruption; it's working exactly as designed. Government is the ancestral enemy."

Highest-level awareness: "No one has the right (or authority) to govern or otherwise violate another person. Such rights/authority can't be created."

Or, is there a higher-level awareness? Probably. Any suggestions as to what it might be?

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Monday, June 24, 2024

"Get in a man's way"

Making life better is generally a case of getting around government. 

It's why people follow frontiers; why frontiers are essential.

An uncensored internet isn’t allowed in most (all?) places around the world. The right thing to do is make it impossible for government to forbid it. Starlink shouldn't be asking governments to approve its use.

Guns are restricted by government everywhere. The right thing to do is to maneuver around government prohibitions. In any way necessary.

Governments assert their power to regulate air and space travel. The right thing to do is to take this ability away from them. That means removing their ability to shoot down any flying vehicles. 

For that matter, governments are getting more hostile toward any type of vehicular travel-- especially in private vehicles. Or any freedom of movement of any sort. Never give up your ability to travel in unapproved ways to forbidden places.

Government hates and fears liberty and does all it can to crush it. Government and liberty are mutually exclusive; mortal enemies. Liberty requires us to find a way to exercise it in the face of government opposition.

Getting around government and its rules is indispensable to the flourishing of life on Earth-- and beyond. It is necessary today, not only in the future.

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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Rights beyond government oversight

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for June 23, 2024)

I often say politics makes people stupid. I've tried to think of a nicer way to say this, but there isn't one.

I don't tie this to any specific political party, but observe it applies to all of them, through the effect they have on everyone who identifies with the rest...
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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Note to railroad: Be a good neighbor

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for May 19, 2024)

The problem of the railroad crossing between Texico and Farwell has a logical solution. The various plans floated by state transportation officials aren't it.

The logical solution is for the railroad to be raised over the highway.

I understand why the railroad doesn't want to do this. It would be a huge engineering project and a serious inconvenience for them. It would be expensive and it's easier to let the state soak the tax victims for the cost.

They could claim they were there first; a questionable claim at best.

It's not even the railroad's problem-- if a train and a car, or even a big Walmart truck, meet at the crossing, the train has the right-of-way and is going to win. Size matters, and nothing on land is bigger than a train pulling a load.

The railroad could make the commitment to be a good neighbor and do the difficult thing, anyway.

It's no wonder the railroad wants to stay out of it. Staying silent while others test public opinion on poor attempts to solve the problem you could solve may not attract attention, but I notice. Sherlock Holmes might refer to it as the dog in the night that didn't bark.

If I've missed any substantive and useful input on this issue from the railroad, I apologize. I'm with the majority who also missed them offering a real solution.

After decades of no workable solution for this ongoing mess, the railroad could now sweep in like a superhero, offering to fix it for the people of this region and the travelers who've noticed the problem. It would be a major public relations win. I suppose they could even ask the states to share the expense, although this is never the right thing to do.

I have a mostly positive view of the railroads. I have fond memories of sleeping in a spare room off my grandparents' garage in Farwell; the window open, listening to the trains on summer nights. The only time I have a bad feeling toward the railroads is when I am sitting through the third train, desperate to get across the tracks.

Will the railroad do what's right, or will they keep letting the state propose bad fixes that everyone knows are bad?

But what do I know? Not much about this subject, for sure. I do know this needs to be part of the conversation.

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"Paying taxes" is not a character indicator

Often, when statists are trying to sell someone as a good, responsible person, they'll say something like "he works hard and pays his taxes". That's weak.

Doing something productive and non-coercive is great, but I also respect those who don't pay extortion.

I understand complying with government extortion to avoid a larger extortion in the future or to stay out of a government cage, but that's just reality, not a character indicator.

"Taxes" fund government; that's not ever a good thing. Anything that relies on "taxation" to be accomplished or to continue needs to die. Specifically, government and government programs need to die. Even if they occasionally do things that are useful and would otherwise be good, because once you need to fund them with money taken from people who'd rather not hand it over it's no longer good. You can't do good by committing wrong.

If something needs to be done it can be funded voluntarily. If it can't be funded voluntarily it doesn't need to be done no matter what you've been brainwashed to believe. Let it go and do something else.

If you're trying to tell me what a great person someone is, leave out the part about them "paying their taxes". It's empty and irrelevant.

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Friday, June 21, 2024

"Authority" is unworthy of respect

One big difference between me and DemoCRAPublicans: I have no respect for authority. None. It sickens me to see those who do fawning over the people who insist they have authority.

Respect for authority only makes things easier for the evil people who claim to have it. They need you to comply and cooperate. If you respect them for their supposed "authority" you won't have the guts to defy or ignore them. Even when it's necessary that you do so.

I’m not talking about actual authority— expertise (which I do respect)— but of fakeauthority”. The kind that comes from political power. 

I have no respect for that kind of counterfeit "authority". I never have and never will. Whether the one wielding it is a govschool "teacher", a cop, a president, an authoritarian parent, a mayor, or a mugger who got the drop on me. The more they demand my respect, the less they'll get.

I might fake some respect if that's what it takes to not get shot or caged, but it will be 100% fake. In reality, I have nothing but contempt for such people.

Anyone who demands I respect such "authority" is not on the right side. They are assisting monsters in committing monstrous acts, no matter how moral they consider themselves to be. Ethical people don't fawn over authority, even if it's something they feel a sick desire to admire and obey.

I'll engage with you as an equal, unless you prove to me that you aren't my equal.
If you're an expert, and I can see it in you, I will defer to your expertise. Unless you demand I do.
If you demand I respect your "authority" you've proven that you are inferior and unworthy of respect.

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Thursday, June 20, 2024

"Gun control" is slavery

Anti-gun bigots consistently deny "gun control" [sic] is slavery. How convenient for them. If true. Is it?

Slavery is when you act as though* you own a person. You assert ownership over their labor, their body, and their destiny. 

If you believe you have the "right" or the power to deny them the most effective tools of defense-- or even the natural human right of defense altogether-- you are asserting a claim over them. You are insisting your claim to their life, liberty, and property is superior to their actual claim. You are trying to control their destiny for your convenience. For your feelings. For politics!

You are acting as though you believe they are your property.

This is the foundation of slavery. It is evil. Supporting anti-gun legislation (or rules) is supporting slavery, even when the anti-gun bigots deny it.


*No one can legitimately own another person. It's a lie with a long history, but it's still a lie.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Fossilized "news"

A couple of years ago someone got really angry at me when I said the "news" is fake, and history is just fossilized "news", so (political) history is probably also fake.

What I mean by "fossilized news" is that when fake "news" is repeated and accepted enough it becomes the "truth" that ends up in history books and won't be changed because either no one looks for truth, or those who do are disparaged as "revisionists". The history is then set in stone. True or not. Fake "news" has fossilized.

It seems like more people are finally catching up.

It's probably not all news- Krakatoa probably really did erupt catastrophically in 1883, but this news isn't political. "News" concerning wars, elections, uprisings, politicians, assassinations, legislation, etc. is political, which makes it more likely to be fake than true. 

Those who are most motivated to spread their propaganda probably write the nonsense that ends up in government-approved "history" books, which then become the "history" society agrees on. 

Eventually, everyone will believe there was an actual insurrection on January 6, 2021, because that's what "history" will claim happened, since that's what the "news" has been claiming ever since that day. Anyone who speaks the truth will be a "revisionist" because the liars will have won.

(I'm not posting a blog tomorrow since today is my birthday and I'm going to take a planned break from writing.)

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Monday, June 17, 2024

The levels of maturity

I notice a kind of hierarchy of maturity:

First, you have innocent but self-centered Childishness-- Don't get too loud or upset the adults and everything is fine. Someone will take care of you. Everyone can just get along and no violence is ever necessary. These are the people who say they'd never use violence against a rapist or a thief because his life is just as valuable as anyone's. Bread and circuses-- I'm happy as long as I can play and eat and don't have to think. The welfare state.

Next, you have the Hormone-addled teenager, which is what most people seem to mistake for maturity-- Characterized by those who speak of "Hard men doing violence so you can sleep soundly", or said another way, "Adults in the room" doing wrong, because they imagine someone has to do it. These people worship cops and the military. They believe government is inevitable and necessary (even "good"). They'll mock anyone who points out that taxation is theft/extortion because they don't see another way to fund what they intend to impose on you. They feel they are immune from consequences but want to see others punished. They seem to experience anger and pain if they see anyone not as miserable as they make themselves (but they'd say "I'm not miserable, you're miserable!"). Almost everyone not stuck in the first level ends up, and stays, here. The police state.

Lastly (unless there's a higher level I'm missing) are the ones I consider to have reached Adulthood -- Don't hurt people and don't take their stuff, but defend the innocent from those who do. Justice, not punishment/revenge. I'm responsible for what I do and don't need government looking over my shoulder to threaten me into doing the right thing-- or to threaten me into doing what I know is wrong just because government requires it. What you do, as long as you aren't violating another, is not my business, even if I wouldn't personally choose to do the same. Just keep your hands to yourself and we won't have a problem. No state.

I think it's easy for any of us to slip into lower levels under certain circumstances, but we should strive to stay in the higher level as much as humanly possible. It's a journey, not a destination.

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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Gun (owner) rights foundational to liberty

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for May 12, 2024)

Why do I keep returning to the natural right of each and every human being to own and to carry guns? Because when it comes to liberty, unless you get that right, you'll get everything wrong.

This right is non-negotiable, along with the right to free speech, freedom of association, and the right to own and use property. Anyone on the other side, or trying to keep a toe on the other side, is a danger to you.

Governments and their politicians want exceptions. There aren't any, but they'll pretend to find some so they can continue to govern you. They'll discover or create fake exceptions. They'll pretend government has rights which give them power over you. It's all a lie.

A government which claims the imaginary right to ration weapons and have a say over who can have which weapons, where, and under what conditions, can censor you. It can force you into close association with people who want to harm you. It can decide to steal your home and other personal property for "the common good".

A government which can deny you the proper tools of defense can deny you food, water, sanitation, or air. It only takes a reason.

The fundamental right to own and carry proper weaponry everywhere you go, all the time, is the right to have a chance against those who want to kill you. Denying this option to anyone for any reason is to claim their life is without value.

Proper weaponry means anything equal to or better than what anyone who might want to harm you has access to. This does mean "weapons of war", especially when government says you aren't trustworthy enough to have them.

The only reason anyone would want you inadequately armed is so they can do things to you that you wouldn't allow if you could stop them. This is why bad guys don't like their potential targets to be armed. Any other excuse is a lie.

Why do I focus on the right to own and carry guns and other effective weapons? Because it matters. It's part of liberty and can't be carved off just because some people don't like it. I want you to be fully able to fight off anyone seeking to harm you, no matter who you are and no matter who your adversary might be. When you're in the right, I want you to win the fight.

I couldn't do this without your support.

The Idiocracy gets worse

I don't know how many times I've said this, but I think government will keep getting worse before it goes away.

And, even though I'm pessimistic about the near future, I do think in the long term, government-- political government-- will go away. I just hope it isn't replaced with something worse or even more stupid.

Which, as long as stupid and/or evil people have power, is a real risk.

At the moment, there's a real frenzy to shut down and imprison political opponents, or those who are otherwise a threat to the narrative. Some of these people are bad people, too. But, the attempts to get them all rounded up before... what?... seems to be accelerating. I think this will erode public acceptance of the Ancestral Enemy at least a little. As long as people they like are being rounded up, anyway.

Although they will continue to make things hard on the rest of us for the foreseeable future. those dumb enough to keep clinging to government are too dumb to survive into the indefinite future. 

If they're dumb enough to keep believing in government, they're dumb enough to check to see if the gun is loaded by looking down the barrel with a finger on the trigger. They're dumb enough to cross the road without checking for oncoming cars. They're dumb enough to do lots of things that will increase their odds of an early demise. Like supporting government despite thousands of years of evidence against it.

Since these people usually survive long enough, despite doing really dumb things, they don't see the connection. But it's there. As in Idiocracy, they also breed fast enough to replenish their numbers. So far.

This is why we can't have nice things, like liberty.

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Friday, June 14, 2024

Save the future: send kids to the camps

People today aren’t good at thinking. Critical thinking skills seem to be rare-- more rare than is good for the species.

It’s probably too late for most adults. The only hope lies in helping young people develop the ability to think at an early age. 

There should be a summer camp to help kids learn to focus their thoughts; to concentrate. It could be called Concentration Camp.

Wouldn’t you love to send kids there?

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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Who's worse?

The one currently holding political power is always the greatest danger to your life, liberty, and property-- much more of a threat than anyone who isn’t in power.

Fearing a candidate for office while supporting the politician who is in the office now is delusional. (But I've been sort of guilty of this, too.) A candidate can't wield political power; the officeholder is already doing it now

Obviously, the hierarchy of evil will change once the politicians are switched out by democracy. Or by a coup.

The same is true of any historical evildoers who once held political office but are now dead or otherwise out of power. The current president, whoever it may be, is always worse than Hitler because Hitler is dead and powerless. His evil left scars, but the current president is actively harming people right now as you read this.

Reserve the majority of your contempt for the one in office. There's still enough to spare for the ones seeking the Ring of Power, too.

Thank you for reading.  

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Hello Darkness, my old friend...

I'm a horrible person. I admit it. 

Some days, like today, I cross the line into collapsitarian territory, and I'm not proud of it.

I get excited by the prospect of a Carrington-level event. I know it would be bad. I know I might not survive. Oh well.

I also find myself almost hoping the worst candidate "wins" just to speed up the collapse. Bring it.

This isn't new. I was thrilled by the prospect of Y2K for the same reasons.

It seems like everything is broken, but no one wants to admit it and do anything that has a chance of fixing it. It would be too hard; too painful. No, let's just keep this monstrosity propped up for another day- another year- another decade. Ignore that the longer it goes on like this, the worse the collapse will be.

When I see the stupid and evil that some people advocate, I think there's no hope. Might as well wipe the slate clean. Whether to start over after that is a separate discussion.

Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

It would be the right thing

Trump should promise to pardon Hunter Biden once he’s president again.

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The global government gauntlet

Government is disease; pollution; crime.

There are many places around the world I'd like to visit... if not for the governments infesting them. They and their rules-- inaccurately called "laws"-- make the trip not worth it for me.

I would be the kind of person everyone would like to host. I'm not going to scratch my name into historical monuments. I'm not going to litter or steal. I'm not going to intentionally annoy or be condescending to the local residents. And, if I had the money to travel, I would be spending that money into their local economies.

But the risk is too great. I can barely navigate the governments I'm familiar with. I'm not going somewhere that would imprison me for a stray bit of ammo in my luggage or something else they have illegitimate rules against. Which currently includes some of the states of the American Disunion.

I suppose it's good I have little desire to travel, since governments infest every corner of the globe at this time.

That will not always be the case, but I doubt you and I will live to see it.

Thank you for reading.  

Saturday, June 08, 2024

Don't let others' weaknesses control you

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for May 5, 2024)

Everyone has weaknesses and faults. This includes you and me. We need to acknowledge our weaknesses and work on doing better. Your life will also be easier and you'll be a better person if you're tolerant of the weaknesses and faults of others. Up to a point.

This doesn't mean you have to sit quietly while someone's faults are damaging your life. Communicate the problem and, when it needs to be said, tell them clearly where your line in the sand is. Be polite when possible.

You aren't obligated to allow others to hurt you just because they don't know a better way.

A frequent example is those who want "just a few more" anti-gun rules. Common sense gun law already exists; "shall not be infringed". Anything else is a call to return to slavery. How tolerant of slavery should we be? Not even a little.  

A fear of guns doesn't create any right to enslave you so others feel better. No, it is their responsibility to grow up and take charge of their own security rather than demand you become a slave to their fearful weakness. Making others equally weak and helpless won't make the weak and helpless stronger or safer.

This goes for every cry to expand government and give it more power. Just like it isn't reasonable to be tolerant of a mugger, no matter what weaknesses and faults he believes give him no choice but to be a mugger, it isn't reasonable to be tolerant of those who want to strip away what's left of your liberty. Wanting to exercise liberty isn't a weakness or a fault; seeking to take it away is.

You can feel sorry for the people trying to do this but don't let your pity give them the power or opportunity to enslave you.

You may even understand why they do what they do. Maybe they aren't smart enough to resist the pied pipers promising free stuff and safety.
Maybe they are crooked and see an opportunity to steal life, liberty, or property from their fellow residents.
Perhaps they are terrified of liberty and those who live it.
These are all weaknesses, and while sad, don't entitle them to control you. You can sympathize a little with their problems, but don't surrender to them. They'll have to work out their issues on their own.

Liberty gives them the best chance of doing so successfully.
I couldn't do this without your support.

Should anything be "illegal"?

Recently someone was criticizing a state politician by saying that under his administration "nothing is illegal"... as if that were a bad thing. Of course, it wasn't true anyway.

Plus, this was immediately after complaining (again, not exactly truthfully) that this same politician had criminalized several things the speaker was in favor of.

So, which is it? It certainly can't be both.

I'm of the opinion that nothing should be outlawed by legislation. Legislation only muddles things. If something is wrong to do to others no legislation is necessary to make defense (from having it done to you) your natural human right. 

No one needs to make up legislation forbidding the act of murder to "give you the right" to defend yourself from an evil loser trying to murder you. Writing and passing any such legislation would be a pointless waste of time. You have that right whether murder has been made illegal or not, and regardless of any opinion or legislation to the contrary.

Making self-defense "illegal" can't remove the right to defend yourself (are you paying attention, Great Britain?). In this case, the legislation is the crime.

It's the same for anything you have a right to do-- anything which doesn't violate the equal and identical rights of others.

So, "nothing is illegal" is only a problem for weak, delusional people who believe government, through the police, will save them. What a pathetic belief.

Thank you for reading.  

Friday, June 07, 2024

Opinions built on loose sand

Someone expressing a difference of opinion with me doesn't really bother me. What bothers me is a difference of opinion when the opinions are based on objectively incorrect "facts"; hallucinations. Things that can easily be found to be false, if one looks into it.

A personal friend of mine holds many opinions of this type. She's not interested in hearing anything that would challenge her opinions, so I rarely bother, but it is really strange to me. I don't understand this at all. Normally, I just take note of it and move on.

I know she's highly influenced by "public opinion", especially those expressed by the customers and coworkers she's around every day. She doesn't pay attention to "the news", but she still absorbs the narrative. And when their opinions are baseless, hers end up there, too. But, "everyone knows...", so what can you do?

My first observation of this phenomenon was back in 2020 when she was sure Covid was going to kill off all the old and weak, and that the shots were the only thing that might save us all. I nearly broke her brain when I didn't get the shot(s)-- she was sure I was doomed. She wouldn't listen to anything I had to say on the matter. I was foolish and was spreading the plague to the innocent.

In a recent conversation, she expressed a few different opinions of this sort in a short period of time, which is what got me thinking about it. Some of these opinions could actually be dangerous for her to act on, but when I tried to say something about it, she shut me down. She's not interested. Others could save her from a huge amount of future problems, while solving current problems. Nope. Not interested. Others probably won't make a difference in her life, but it's odd to not even be curious enough to want to find out the truth. She's the most incurious person I've ever known.

It seems odd to me

That's probably more common in modern humans than I'm comfortable admitting, but if this is a fact, my opinion should change to reflect it.

Thank you for reading.  

Thursday, June 06, 2024

More potential fake "felony" convictions

Hunter Biden’s gun “crime” trial is exactly as bogus as Trump's hush money trial, and if Hunter is convicted, it will be as illegitimate as Trump's conviction.

I'm no fan or supporter of Hunter Biden, either. But wrong is wrong. And this is wrong.

Smart, ethical people would toss the case, void the rule, abolish the ATF, scold the prosecutors, and remove them from their positions of power. They shouldn't be allowed to victimize anyone ever again.

Government has no legitimate "authority" to punish drug use or abuse.
Government is specifically prohibited from restricting firearms and all other weapons in any way. Form 4473 is therefore forbidden by the Constitution, and lying on an illegal, illegitimate form can't be wrong.
He's not even accused of using his gun to violate anyone's life, liberty, or property. There is no crime alleged, only counterfeit "crime". So Hunter Biden, in this case, did nothing wrong. 

Those who are prosecuting him are the criminals. The same as those who prosecuted Outlaw Trump in his "34 felonies" trial. The "justice system" delivers the opposite and needs to be abolished forever.

Consistency, people. No specific individual victim; no crime. Prosecuting or convicting anyone under such circumstances, no matter who it is or how you feel about them, is the real crime.

Thank you for reading.  

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Statism withers in the presence of thought

It seems odd to me that a large segment of the population is fine with aggressive criminals facing no consequences for their actions but are scared of mere tools. This doesn't make sense if people use their brains.

I've met some of these people. They aren't able to put their arguments for these beliefs into words. Other than expressing their feelings about the matter.

Interestingly enough, I've met some on the other political side who are the same way.

They acknowledge that some cops are trash, but still cling to the delusion that those are a minority and most are good. I had someone express this to me recently, due to recent events. My response: "Yes. And then those good cops stand by and do nothing while the bad ones do the bad stuff, meaning the good ones are just as bad." There was no pushback. How could there be?

It seems to come down to the fact that their Party holds the position, so they hold the position, but they can't really explain why. There doesn't seem to be anything like thought backing it up. And if you keep pushing, even gently, they'll get angry or shut down.

I don't think they know why they believe what they believe. It's most likely because they haven't really put any thought into it. They just believe what they've been conditioned by their team to believe, and can't even articulate why they believe it. If they thought about it, they'd see how silly and nonsensical their position really is. So they avoid thinking about it.

You don't think yourself into statism, but you can think yourself out of it. In fact, it's the inevitable outcome if you really think.

Thank you for reading.  

Tuesday, June 04, 2024

When technology lets us down

The house AC stopped working Friday night. I was supposed to take my daughter to a comic-con over the weekend. She went; I stayed home.

We got a "small room" window unit to try to keep a couple of rooms comfortable enough for the cats and especially the chinchilla (chinchillas are sensitive to overheating, as you can probably understand). The rest of the house is blocked with a doorway blanket to concentrate the cool air as much as possible.

The cats like to venture into the hot part of the house, fall into a stupor, and nap. I do not.

My weekend largely consisted of trying to manage the temperature in the house and give the chinch cold bricks from the freezer, since the little AC can't really keep up with the heat. 

Coincidentally, my parents' AC went out a week before mine did, so taking the chinch there for coolness isn't an option. (Theirs should be fixed before mine, though.)

I've been OK, if not comfortable. The other household members, who got back Sunday night, are not OK with the situation. They've let me know. Unceasingly and vociferously.

As a consequence, my mood hasn't been great. I'm having trouble writing, and I end up deleting most of what I do write because it ends up sounding grumpy. 

A repairman is coming, and I hope he's able to fix it. Affordably.

Some people think I'm a Luddite, wanting to stick to primitive ways of doing things. They would be mistaken. Where the primitive ways are (in my opinion) just as good or better, I prefer them. When technology is better than doing without, I'm happy to embrace it. 

The only caveat is that I never want to be so dependent on technology that I can't survive (or am stuck in a loop of complaining) without it. I realize how easily it could all go away, so I appreciate it while I have it, but try to make sure it's never necessary to my survival. 

As I've pointed out before, learning to make fire without lighters or matches has caused me to never again be caught without lighters, and to appreciate the inventors who gave us this kind of thing. 

The market did that.

Happy update: It got fixed last night and is now running and cooling the house! For "only" $264. It could have been worse; my parents' repair bill was $1000.

Thank you for reading.  

Monday, June 03, 2024

Trump, the outlaw candidate?

Here's an uncomfortable admission: The Trump convictions don't sit well with me.

I've always been in favor of jury nullification, saying I would have a hard time convicting even in the case of archation, just because it feels like handing government a win. Doing what The Ancestral Enemy wants is the wrong thing to do, except in extraordinary circumstances. This isn't that.

When it's a counterfeit "law" I wouldn't convict my worst enemy. Liberty is more important than personal feelings.

And this seems to be the case in this trial.

It's not even about Trump. I liked Donald Trump when he used to appear on David Letterman's show. That ended when he entered politics. Politics makes people stupid and usually a bit evil, too. Although I never supported him, I never suffered from TDS, and never thought he was a unique danger like so many others seem to be hallucinating he is. I think this allows me to think more clearly where he is concerned.

I don't need or want a president and I don't need or want to be governed. By anyone. Particularly not by an anti-gun bigot (like all presidents turn out to be).

Part of me thinks "The shoe's on the other foot now", but part of me sees this as a bogus trial, politically arranged and rigged to take out an apparent enemy of the current party in power. (Even though he used to belong to their party and still follows their dogma on many important issues.)  If they imprison him, it will make him a political prisoner, and I am completely against governments and the holding of political prisoners. Even if I disagree with the prisoners on everything of importance. I oppose all political prosecutions.

This has caused me to have some sympathy for Trump-- not support, but sympathy for someone I don't generally find to be a very sympathetic character. I don't like it, but there it is. That was an amazing accomplishment, Democratic Party. Congrats. 

If they had gone after him for his actual crimes-- the bump stock ban, continuing the Stupid and Evil War on Politically Incorrect Drugs, not pardoning Snowden, Ulbricht, and Assange (and others), supporting police, and other evil things he did-- similar to the evil things every other president does-- then I wouldn't care. Get him. But to go after him on the things they chose? Things they'd ignore if he wasn't Donald Trump? Nope. Not gonna buy it. It was a sham.

Trump is now an outlaw. Not a Liberty Outlaw, but the other kind. Yet definitely no worse than the kriminals-- the serial archators-- who are out to get him. 

So, my feelings are definitely mixed.

Will it backfire? I wouldn't mind seeing it happen. And I don't really mind seeing Leviathan eating itself. Anything that shatters government's illusion of legitimacy is a good thing. 

Just like having Biden as a president has shown how utterly inconsequential having a president is. If he can do the "job", anything could. The "job" could be abolished without problems, as long as you didn't change the rules and eliminate the requirement that the president sign bills that the congressvermin pass to make them enforceable "laws". No signature; no new legislation, which would be a good start.

Having a president is a terrible idea, as is having any kind of political government... which can decide to "get" its enemies. Maybe even you or me.

Thank you for reading.  

Saturday, June 01, 2024

FISA declaration a war on liberty

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for April 28, 2024)

The enemies of America just scored another major victory against us. Did you notice?

The reauthorization and expansion of the deceptively named "Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act" (FISA) is an anti-American act. Both Democrat and Republican politicians were in on this crime.

Any government which gives itself permission to spy on you is not on your side. Whether it's China's government, the government of Iran, or the US federal government, it's your enemy and is telling you so directly in plain language. It's up to you to hear what it's telling you and believe it.

For Congress to rubber-stamp FISA is a declaration of war on you and your liberty. The problem is, it's such a common thing for Congress and the rest of the federal government to escalate their ongoing war on you that no one pays attention anymore. It's business as usual; it's just another day in Police State America. The USA has become what I grew up being told the evil Soviet Union was. Maybe they were, but so is the USA now, and perhaps it always was.

National security is a lie which has nothing to do with protecting you, your life, or even "the nation"; it's strictly about protecting the federal government and its power to tax and control you into perpetuity.

It's why the US has an unconstitutional standing military. It's why the unconstitutional (and ironically named) intelligence agencies exist. In America, "unconstitutional" means illegal; against the foundational rules which allow the federal government to exist as an institution. Break those rules and the deal is off. The federal government has lost any legitimacy it might once have had.

It's best to distinguish between America and The United States of America. America is the people, the society. the land, the cultures, and the traditions. The USA is the political government occupying America, giving jobs to political criminals who rule you. You can choose whichever side you prefer in this cold war, but you can't straddle the fence and pretend to support both.

The public is brainwashed to confuse government with society. These opposites are commonly conflated, and the confusion is useful to your enemies.

I love America and I wish it could have been saved from the criminals who thought up and imposed FISA. Now, it's probably up to our grandchildren to wrestle liberty back from the bloodstained talons of the security state. I wish them luck.
I couldn't do this without your support.

Bottom line

If you can’t hate something and still oppose legislation against it, you place too much faith in The State.

Thank you for reading.