Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando mass murder. Will people ever learn?

A guy intent on murder has succeeded again, largely due to "gun control laws". Yes, he is ultimately responsible, but politicians (and property owners) practically held his hand, led him to his killing floor, and pointed out targets for him to kill. Because some of them are so blinded by a political agenda that they still believe saying "no guns" will save lives.

Idiots. Evil idiots.

These places are always "gun-free" slaughter zones- places where the good guys obey the evil rules saying they can't be armed, but where people who don't care about counterfeit rules (you know, like people who intend to murder a bunch of people in spite of laws forbidding murder) waltz in and start picking off the defenseless targets who have been disarmed for their convenience.

Anti-gun "laws" kill- or at least make it easy for bad guys to use those "laws" to get a large body count. Notice how the killing always comes to an end after people (in this case, other bad guys) with guns show up. Why give the bad guys that time advantage?

If a place says "no guns", remember what they are actually saying: "We don't care if you die". Oh, they'll be really sympathetic afterwards, but they'll keep their insane policy in place- or even double down- to make it easy for bad guys to kill unopposed yet again.

Do not obey anti-gun "laws". Your life depends on it.

Judging by the guy's name, I do have a suspicion that this was a Muslim "killing two birds with one stone"- killing homosexuals like his religion (among others) orders him to, and killing Americans who his politics tells him to kill. Perhaps I am being prejudiced in this suspicion and it is completely unfounded. Perhaps.

Added: Statement from the Pink Pistols on the shooting: Pink Pistols Saddened by Attack on Orlando Club

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"We're DOOOOOMED!!!"

The worst political fears- the ones used to manipulate people into accepting (or even begging for) government coercion- almost never come to pass. They are "hobgoblins".

Yes, bad things do happen. Horrific things. But these are usually the result of government "doing something", not due to government "failing to do something". The worst thing that can ever happen when a problem is noticed is for government to step in to try to solve it.

The belief that one candidate is worse than another is another hobgoblin. The ways in which each is bad may vary a little, but not enough to actually matter to your life (if you'll switch off the "news", anyway).

Look at history before you hyperventilate over whatever it is the fearmongers are trying to scare you with.