Monday, October 02, 2023

Discrimination, because the "law" says it's OK

Back in June, I reported that my formerly favorite gun store didn't respect all rights equally. Well, the sickness has also spread to my formerly favorite gun range.

I spoke up at the gun store because I was alone. I held my tongue at the gun range Saturday because my son and his girlfriend had invited me to go shooting with them. But my son gave me a look that said he knew what I was thinking as soon as we pulled up to the office.

Of course, a gun range has an interest in saying "Don't come here to shoot if you are intoxicated". But why single out Cannabis? Probably because it's legal just over the state line. I see no signage mentioning any other medicine or intoxicant, any of which would be just as much of an issue-- some more so. That's why it doesn't strike me as a safety measure as much as discrimination.

You have every right to discriminate against anyone for any reason-- or no reason at all. But, if you discriminate against people for things they have no control over (their "race", for example) or for doing things they have a natural human right to do (ingest things, carry weapons, worship, etc.) then I'm going to think poorly of you. I may shun you.

I don't care that the gun store used the excuse "But marijuana is illegal" when I brought it up to them. Government illegitimately makes all sorts of things "illegal". Look at all the anti-weapon rules. That has no bearing on rights.

I respect those who respect rights without any "buts". I lose respect for those who don't respect or acknowledge rights they don't like. Even if the State gives them permission. That is an anti-liberty position.

The signs at the gun range and gun store look exactly like a "Whites Only" sign to me. It screams that the person displaying it is a bigot. Someone discriminating in the nastiest ways they can "legally" get away with. What else would they do if the "law" told them they could?

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