Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Seeing the police brutality problem wrong

Anyone who believes the police brutality problem is a sign of racism isn't seeing the root cause and therefore won't have an actual solution.

If it were racism, you wouldn't have black cops violating black victims, you wouldn't have white cops violating white victims, and you wouldn't have Latino cops violating Latino victims-- unless they were self-loathing. Cops would mostly target their abuse on people of whatever "race" they happen to hate. This doesn't seem to be what's happening.

Are some cops racist? Of course. Do all racist cops murder people? Nope. Is every murderous cop committing his act due to racism? Nope. I doubt many are.

So what is the underlying factor? The problem with cops is that they are cops. They imagine they have "authority", and they are cowards who see any hesitation in complying with their arbitrary demands as a threat to their "authority" and life.

How do you survive an encounter with a cop? The same way you survive an encounter with a rapist:
Be overly polite.
Don't make the cop or rapist afraid.
Comply immediately and completely-- if you feel you're being violated, grit your teeth and comply anyway so you survive the encounter and can take your attacker to court later. 

Scott Adams suggests that the way to survive an encounter with a cop is to recite this: "Officer, how can I keep you safe-- and me, too?" I'm betting that would work with rapists, too-- just substitute "Sir" for "Officer". This assumes your death isn't what either of them want-- not necessarily a safe bet, although the cop might be slightly less likely to want that, what with all the paperwork (if anyone is aware he is interacting with you).

The only real difference is that many people have been conditioned to believe one category of violator is somehow legitimate and the other isn't. Neither is more legitimate than the other. Neither is a good person, although either might be "nice" as long as he isn't currently violating you.

People who imagine cops are necessary (or good) will have a problem with everything I've written. I've lost close friends over this bitter pill of reality. Although, one did apologize years later after he'd had some encounters with police that didn't go the way he'd been brainwashed to expect, and which he could probably have avoided had he listened to me. His eyes were opened and he didn't like it, but he was big enough to admit it to me. Like it or not, it's still true.


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