Thursday, January 25, 2024

Bad guy vs a huge gang of worse guys

I'll admit it's a personal shortcoming, but sometimes I don't mind seeing a bad guy hand other bad guys their comeuppance.

Frequently, in fiction, I root for the bad guy when he goes up against other bad guys. Often, just because I dislike them more than I dislike him. Especially if it's one bad guy against a gang of bad guys-- or worse guys.

I prefer the pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, to the English Navy.

I prefer NYC cop John McClane to Hans Gruber's gang.

Even though the Rebel Alliance wants to re-establish a government, thus I wouldn't otherwise support their cause, the Empire is still worse as long as the Empire has power. Once the Empire fell, the situation changed.

Since I don't suffer from TDS, this is how I see the current Trump campaign.

I don't need a president (neither do you), nor am I so helpless and pathetic that I need to be governed by anyone. I don't personally like or support Trump. But I dislike those who are trying to "get" him even more than I dislike him. I wouldn't mind seeing them beaten at their own game and utterly humiliated. No matter who does it.

Even an authoritarian anti-liberty bigot like Trump. He's no worse than they are.

Yes, I know they are likely to try to assassinate him if their current court schemes don't take him out. I would expect nothing less. But in the meantime, I hope they are confounded as to what's really going on, not realizing they created him.

Liberty is the greater good!
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Thank you.

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