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I want as many people as possible to be able to read my books. I give away books all the time because it is just that important to me. If I could afford to I would gladly give a free physical book to everyone who asked. Since I can't, I offer free PDF versions of each book. Your purchase of a physical book, or a donation for an ebook download, helps me continue my work. Feel free to send a donation to help me put more books into more hands- if you think that's a worthwhile goal.

Thank you for your support!

For anyone interested in liberty:


Many people claim that "libertarians are always whining about government being the problem, but they never offer solutions."

Let "Problem? Solved!" offer the solutions they ask for.

This is an alphabetically arranged list of common problems in society which are used to justify a government, and some possible, liberty-compatible solutions that could be used to solve the problems. No coercion needed!

Problem? Solved! free download link.



A handbook for the understanding of the concepts of rights, freedom, and liberty-

and putting them to use in your life.

Kent's Liberty Primer free download link.

This version is slightly updated from the published version.



Simple refrains about Liberty

Tao Liberty Ching free download link.


For the kids:


Indy-Pindy the mouse learns about living an

independent life of liberty as he strikes out on his own.

Indy-Pindy free download link.

This version is slightly updated from the published version.


Finally, although not specifically about Liberty:


A book about the bobwhite quail who shared my teenage years.

Illustrated with my drawings done while she lived, along with with a few photos of her,

and told through remembrances and anecdotes.

Sandy's Legacy free download link.

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