Monday, October 10, 2022

The worst of a bad lot

Republicans-- the "Right", conservatives [sic], whatever you call them-- advocate for things I strongly disagree with.

I despise prohibition, border control, their fawning over police and the military, and using religious beliefs as an excuse to impose legislation. I'm also over any Constitution fetish that I once had-- although I still like to use it against constitutionalists who obviously have no clue what it actually says.

However... I would have to be delusional to not see that right now the Democrats-- the "Left", "liberals" [sic], "progressives" [sic], "w0ke"-- are more of a threat to liberty than the Republicans are. I expect that could change at any time, depending on the circumstances, but that's just the situation at this moment in time.

And I understand why you might feel differently if your main motivation is unlimited abortion.

I despise the Democrats' "gun control" [sic], "intersectionality", racism labeled "antiracism", "gender" politics, and their democracy/v*ting fetish (usually using women as a sacrificial talisman), I hate that they just can't get over Trump or Covid, and keep trying to use these topics as weapons against skeptics. If you don't instantly agree with them 100% you are an extreme MAGA white supremacist... even if you aren't white and never supported Trump. I actually saw this happening to a black gun owner the other day. It was disgusting how he was attacked.

Don't misunderstand me. None of this would ever get me to v*te for any brand of DemoCRAPublican ever again. I just want everyone to keep their filthy "laws" and their nasty State off my life, no matter who they are or why they think I need their "help". If things get so bad that the choice is v*te or die in slavery, it's past the point where v*ting will make a difference.

But burying your head in the sand to deny reality isn't doing anyone any good.

If I didn't make you overly angry with this post-- or maybe if I did-- think about 
I could really use an infusion of some extra funds at this time. Yes, that's usually the case all the time, but right now in particular because of all the extra medical expenses recently. 
I try to hush up about it most of the time, but if I don't ask, no one knows.