Saturday, June 17, 2017

Statists have it upside down

Statists always make the claim that liberty-- anarchy-- can only work in tiny communities, not in the larger world.

They are confused.

The more people, the more important it is to respect everyone's rights. A large society of rights violators is not civilization. Society only works-- only results in civilization-- if most people act libertarian most of the time.

Those who use the political means are the cheaters. The cancer. Sure, civilization can survive a certain number of them, but not too many. When the percentage of archators gets too high, that's the death of the civilization. Thus, the more people who work for the State, the closer society gets to the tipping point. To death.

So, don't worry about the vacuous opinions of people who are pleased with their ignorance. You know the reality. Just keep living it.


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