Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Rights vs. imaginary "rights"

All real rights are "negative rights"-- no one has the right to get in the way of anyone exercising them. But that sounds so... negative. It's accurate but unfortunate.

It would be better to call them "real rights", or even just "rights".

"Positive rights" which are so popular among various types of socialists sound so much nicer. Unfortunately for those who wish otherwise, they aren't really rights. While they have the advantage of a positive-sounding name, in practice they are often very negative and destructive to actual rights and the people who have them.

A more accurate way to describe these "positive rights" would be as privileges (when by mutual consent) or imaginary rights (when imposed).

As privileges they are contingent on voluntary acceptance by the person who will be providing them to the other person. No consent; no obligation.

Positive "rights" are always going to violate actual rights ("negative rights") whenever they are imposed.

Imaginary rights are, or can easily become, slavery.

In the conflict between rights and imaginary rights, don't side with evil.

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