Thursday, March 09, 2017

"Lethal force"

What would someone have to do for you to feel justified using force against them that might result in their death?

I'm not asking what would they have to do for the use of lethal force to be justified by arbitrators or a government "court system", but only inside your own head.

I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to people who say they felt they had no choice but to use lethal force-- unless they wear a badge (for a very specific reason). I don't usually second-guess those who use lethal force against an archator- even if others scream "But, proportionality!!" I am not a strong believer in "proportionality"- at least, not as strong as many others seem to be. If you don't want to be killed in the act of archating, don't archate! Don't sit around trying to decide if someone would be justified in killing you, just don't commit the violation. Simple. And, if you are killed in the act of violating someone's life, liberty, or property, don't expect any grief from me, nor any sympathy to your loved ones. Regardless of the excuses for your behavior you dreamed up inside your own head. You made a bad choice and paid a price you might think was too high. Tough luck.

However, the bar for my own use of lethal force is much higher than that, even if I don't demand others follow my lead. I'm probably going to hope it doesn't come down to killing the bad guy.

Even though I do think it is often justified, I'm probably not going to use lethal force for a "minor" property violation, unless I suspect that's just the foot in the door (literally or figuratively). But, don't scare me into forgetting my self-imposed limits, because then all bets are off.

I may well use lethal force for a liberty violation. Especially if you are violating someone I feel protective toward. I take enslavement seriously. If I believe there will be a less bloody way to resolve the trouble later- without risking the innocent life- you may be lucky. It's smarter not to chance it.

And, if I suspect you are about to violate an innocent life-- you may as well kill yourself now and save everyone the paperwork. Good riddance to bad trash.


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