Thursday, July 22, 2021

Liberty is illegal

Liberty is illegal. Liberty isn't piecemeal. Either you have the freedom to do everything you have a right to do-- everything which doesn't violate anyone else's equal and identical rights-- free from political interference, or you don't. There's no halfway. And government doesn't allow you to exercise your liberty. No political government anywhere willingly allows it-- libraries full of legislation are written to violate your liberty. So, liberty is illegal.

This is why governments such as the USA encourage people to focus on freedom instead. It's why government-supremacist organizations publish "freedom indices" instead of something more objective.

Freedom is subjective. It depends on what you want to do. You may have the freedom to "Netflix and chill" but not to carry a full-auto Tommy gun to the store, but if you don't care about the Tommy gun and are happy about everything else, you feel free. You are free. But your liberty is being violated.

Only by getting rid of legislation can liberty stop being illegal. And that probably requires getting rid of political government. Which means liberty will be illegal all your life.

That's not the defeatism you might think.

If you know you're going to have to be an outlaw all your life to get as close as possible to living in liberty, it removes a lot of the hesitation about breaking "laws". Your concern then isn't whether something you have a right to do is "illegal", but about getting caught. And once you realize evildoers of one sort or another will always be trying to violate you (it's just what they do), even if liberty weren't illegal, you can get on with living and dodging or outsmarting the bad guys, which is just life. Don't let the opinions of your enemies-- of liberty's enemies-- dictate how you live.


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