Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kent's Vacation Memorabilia

I just got back from a bit of a vacation. Sometimes I am reminded how ill-suited I am to the modern world, even though I try to accommodate it.

The first day there, as I wandered through the brush, I found myself in need of a bit of string with which to tie up a bag, and unwilling to use the 550 paracord in my pocket. So I did the normal thing- I found some fibers and made my own cordage. Something crude and just long enough for my purpose.

As I wander I always pick up trash- which is what the cordage was for in the first place. I put trash in a bag I had stashed in a pouch, but the bag got too full to shove under my belt so I tied it shut and hung it from my belt. Most of what I found went into trash cans, but I always find some interesting stuff, too. This time I found some old Coors cans- probably buried in the sand a long time. Faded more on the side most exposed to the sun; dented. And filled with sand which I dumped out. I kept them.

Later, on another "hike", I used the cord to tie some firemaking tinder I had collected to the top of my walking stick. I'm in the habit of collecting tinder wherever I find it- maybe "habit" isn't a strong enough word. Obsession? I really don't need any more, but I am compelled to collect it anyway. I tried a sample with a magnifying glass and discovered it works extremely well. It burst into flame without me even having to blow on it.

Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to auction off a "Kent's Vacation Memorabilia Set". Sorry. No postcards or knick-knacks. No state spoons or pecan log rolls. Just stuff I made or picked up for free.

I am putting it on eBay- and here is the listing: "Kent's Vacation Memorabilia Set". The high bidder will get that specific piece of handmade (by my own grubby fingers) cordage (a bit over 25" long), the lump of tinder I tied to my walking stick (walking stick not included), one of the Coors cans, and a sprig of the grass fibers I used to make the cordage. If no one bids, I'll have no problem keeping the stuff (well, other than the can, which I'll toss).

Here are the accompanying pictures to show what I'm talking about:

These are the grass fibers hanging around that I used to make the cordage.
There was a lot of it around.

Here's the sample of the grass fibers. 

Here's the cordage I made. A bit over 25" of it.

Here's the tinder bundle.

Here is the cord tying the tinder to the walking stick.
This is the exact cord and tinder you'd get.

Here's the can I'll include. A bit of research indicates the can dates to 1967. 
(Look for #1020 on that site)*

I just thought this might be fun. I was told "That's stupid and no one will bid". Maybe. We shall see. UPDATE: (Looks like my detractor was right- no one will bid. Oh well. It was a thought.)
UPDATE 2: (Nope. Didn't sell, and very, very few views. Spectacularly unpopular. Hmmm.)

*I also have a can that seems to be from 1963 (#1019) and one from maybe 1986 (either #1023 or #1024)- again, according to that site. Of the 3, the one from 1963 is in the best shape and the one from 1986 in the worst. Still dented and worn. If interested in either of those, check them out under my listings on eBay.