Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Complaints and poor choices

I drew this on the school playground's basketball court several years ago

People who make the choice to be involved in government stuff, and then sit around complaining about it, seem to me like someone who sticks their foot in an ant bed and keeps complaining about being stung.

One example is those who choose to send their kids to kinderprison and then constantly complain about bad teachers, homework, bullying, and all the other things that would cease being a problem if you'd rescue your kids from that gulag. You know what that place is all about, so what else do you expect?

But that's not the only example. There are also those who complain about government corruption as if government could be honest. You may as well complain that snow is cold and expect it to change to suit your wishes.

If you're going to legitimize theft, aggression, and "authority" with your choices, you look silly complaining about the inevitable results.

Now, if you are an unwilling victim, then complain as much as you want. Or, better yet, defend yourself.

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