Saturday, February 20, 2021

You can dislike something without being a monster about it

There's a certain number of people who just don't like guns. Whatever. That's their choice. I've known some of them and gotten along with them pretty well.

But then there are also a certain number of those people who don't simply dislike guns, they are anti-gun bigots. These people don't like guns and then demand that no one else be allowed to have them, either. They want the State-- the worst mass-murderer the planet has ever seen-- to make up rules against gun owners and to take their guns away. 

These people are barbaric.

Their barbarism is based on fear, ignorance, and, yes, bigotry. Even a bit of brainwashing and Stockholm syndrome.

To illustrate the difference, I'll use a personal example:
I don't like pitbulls. It would never occur to me to have the state forbid anyone from having one, or demand licensing, background checks, registration, or any other form of regulation. It's none of the State's business. I may not like pitbulls, but I am not an anti-pitbull bigot. See the difference?


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