Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Seeing the real aggressor

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Society, a country, or a world can't violate or initiate force against you. It's always done an individual at a time.

Even if everyone votes to violate you, it is up to someone to agree to carry out that vote. That one individual will be the one violating you, not all the voters. Although they certainly aren't making matters better.

If I tell Bob to go hit you in the nose, Bob (if he carries it out) is the one guilty of hitting you in the nose. He had a choice, and he made the wrong one. I'm not saying it was right of me to tell him to violate you- it wasn't- but the ultimate blame rests on the person stupid or evil enough to do the wrong thing just because some moron told him to. Or millions of morons.

In the same way, it doesn't matter if voters approve some violation by a landslide margin. The real guilt lies with the person stupid or evil enough to enforce the vote.

I don't think it's even possible to be violated by hundreds of people at once. There is always a place where the mob meets the individual, and it is those few people at the edge doing all the violating, no matter how many are behind them.

If you feel violated by someone far away, whom you have never seen or met, you are looking for an excuse to feel victimized.

I may despise Michael Bloomberg and his anti-liberty bigotry, but in spite of the "laws" he is buying across the country, I don't feel he has ever personally violated me. I wouldn't lift a finger to save his parasitic life, but I probably wouldn't ever put forth the effort to punch him in the nose, either. If his "laws" ever violate me, it is purely through the action of some cop or bureaucrat who is in my face, not some vile vermin thousands of miles away.


Seeing clearly

I recently got new glasses. First time in over 14 years! Well, technically, I got new lenses in some frames I already had on hand- bought a year ago in anticipation. (If anyone wants to donate to my vision fund, I'd certainly welcome it.) I can see again- with both eyes. This is a good thing.

My vision has always been bad. I got my first glasses about the time I turned 7. I can still remember how strange it felt to realize I hadn't been seeing well before. Until I had something to compare how I was seeing to how I should be seeing, I didn't know I wasn't seeing the world as it was. I didn't know things were out of focus.

Well, the same goes for statists.

Until they are shown what the world really looks like, they can't know they are seeing an out of focus, distorted version of reality. I make it my goal to let a few of them look through my spectacles as often as I can. If they squeeze their eyes shut and don't want to see reality, that's on them. I've done my part.