Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Kokesh armed march

(Note- Because I write almost everything at least a day in advance, so that I can have it post early for you to read with your morning coffee, I wrote this before his "arrest" [kidnapping] at the Smoke Down Prohibition V event.  The "arrest" changes nothing about what I've written below.)

It seems everyone is talking about Adam Kokesh, and his peaceful armed march on DC.  And it seems everyone who is talking about it is casting stones at those who take a position different than their own.  I'll try to not do that.

So, what would I do?

I wouldn't go.

But maybe not for the reasons you might think.

Is what he's planning to do wrong?  No!

Will it draw negative attention to gun owners, make the anti-liberty bigots say bad things about us, and might it lead to more "laws" and crackdowns from hoplophobic bigots with political power?  Probably, but who cares?

I hate to tell you this but the enemies of liberty aren't impressed when you try to make them like you.  Or when you try to not offend them, or when you play by their rules; when you obey their counterfeit "laws".  They will be offended by anything you do, short of turning in ALL your guns, and then politely dying to remove yourself from the gene pool.  Do you really want to appease people like this?

Personally, I make an effort to stay away from places where political scum pools.  Courthouses, city hall, police stations, state capitols, and especially DC.  I don't want to be in that toxic environment, armed or not.  Those who congregate there don't care what you or I have to say unless it is in line with what they are already planning to do.  Contrary (peaceful) voices are ignored, and there's nothing you can do to change that.  If you show up to petition them they assume you still consent to their Rule, if you show up armed they assume you are dangerous/crazy and should be caged- and killed if you resist.

I think it's mostly better to stop acting like these are people you need to influence and just let them play their little rigged game while you prepare to deal with the inevitable results of their tyranny.

I have had my differences with Adam Kokesh in the past, but he has done things that changed my opinion of him since then.  He may be more of a showman than I am generally comfortable with, but that's just his way.  Will I put Kokesh down for his planned march?  Not at this time.  I think there are lots of ways to exercise your liberty- his way, or yours, might not be mine (and vice versa).  But I don't think this event is any more harmful in the long run than voting or writing congresscritters.  Anything that pretends that politicians' opinions or "law tantrums" are valid just doesn't seem to be the best use of talents and energy to me.  You may think differently.

I don't understand those who object to his march on the basis of it being "illegal".  I have no intention of ever being "law abiding" when those "laws" are wrong, or even when they are null and void.  And I don't have much respect for people who make being a "law abiding citizen" their goal.  But if you are talking "legality", then his march is perfectly legal.  No legitimate law can violate the Constitution, which was amended by the Bill of Rights to say that the right to own and to carry guns "shall not be infringed".  Any "law" to the contrary is null and void.  His march couldn't possibly be more legal.  That doesn't mean the badged thug/criminals of DC won't murder people for doing the right thing, though.

I have my doubts that anyone actually plans to go through with the march, but I could be wrong.  From the first I suspected it might be more of a shot across the bow to get some attention.  If it happens, I hope no violence occurs- but I also hope any initiation of force, if it happens, is met with appropriate self defense.  I do not believe I can be armed and yet stand by and watch "law enforcement" violate peaceful people without doing something to stop the violation.  Sorry, but I am NOT a pacifist.  And that is another reason for me to stay away from such events.  I do not want to intentionally put myself into a position where I either need to kill someone or make myself a part of the problem by not killing someone.

That's just my take on it.