Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Press 1 for English"

If you are worried about "Press 1 for English" you have been successfully distracted. Congratulations!

Instead of worrying about what language the guy standing in line at the grocery store speaks, or whether some answering system accommodates people who speak other languages, I'd rather make puppeticians speak plain English instead of lawyerly weaselspeak.

And then, maybe people would see that ignoring those monsters- or at least withdrawing their compliance- is in their best interest.

"Even" when it means you might be exposed to more people speaking languages you don't understand.

The language spoken doesn't matter (not even if it's lawyerly weaselese); only the initiation of force- or the credible threat to initiate force- and theft matter.

Worrying about anything else is just a sign you have been tricked into worrying about things that are not real issues. Why would someone do that to you? How does it benefit them? Do you like being manipulated for their benefit?

Press 1 to refuse to cooperate anymore.