Monday, August 08, 2016


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Blind patriotism is bizarre to me. And, I think all patriotism is blind.

"My country, right or wrong" is a great example of this. It means the person uttering this phrase values a "country" more than rightness. It means they are willing to overlook wrong- evil- just because of who is committing it. It is totally devoid of reason or ethics.

It's like supporting a person to the point of covering for that person, even if he is a mass-murdering psychopath. It's like supporting cops.

A country, which is to say a State (which is what most people mean when they say "government") can never really be right, since countries are built on a foundation of theft and other property violations, and are maintained through aggression.

But maybe they actually mean "America"; the people who live here on this landmass. Can "America" be anything? Individuals can, and enough individuals acting in concert can affect the flavor of America, but it's still just individuals. I have trouble seeing "America" as a unified thing, and even more trouble seeing a "country" as anything real and concrete. So, forget the country.

For the purpose of argument, I'll say I can support America when America does right.

But I don't excuse evil, no matter who is doing it.

I can discern between "America" and the US government, and in fact I see them as mortal enemies. Most people don't seem to make that distinction, just like they conflate "government" and "society". There are no good States. Not one. But don't hate the people suffering under those States. They are victims.

I don't support countries any more than I support any evil act- and governing others is one of the most evil acts you can commit.

If you support any country "no matter what", you do a disservice to the cause of rightness, and to your neighbors. Rational supporters insist on a standard of behavior. Rational supporters require no evil be committed.

Also, just as an aside- You can't have "patriotism" without "riot". Interesting, that.

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