Friday, April 08, 2022

Injecting politics into your veins

Yesterday I was reminded again why I think politics is a bad thing to allow into your life. Even a little.

I have yet to see anything made better by politicizing it-- better in any way that voluntary action couldn't have done more ethically.

That 100% includes respecting the life, liberty, and property of others (AKA "libertarianism").

I used to think politics could be ethical-- somehow-- if done carefully enough. Now I would need some concrete proof. I just no longer think that's possible. As likely as a "compassionate rape" or something. I'm embarrassed to have ever believed this idea.

What I do understand is that some people feel they have no choice but to engage in politics in self-defense. I hope they are wrong because otherwise the human species is doomed. Tit-for-tat, do unto others because they'll do unto you. Which may be the case. It doesn't do my emotional state any good to think that way, though.

Keep on prepping for the unlikely (we are told) collapse.


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