Thursday, November 30, 2023

Uncanny Valley in politics

I see a couple of cases where I believe the "Uncanny Valley" phenomenon plays a role in politics. Where those who haven't been hypnotized by a particular political agenda aren't as sympathetic to a point of view as those who have been would like them to be.

It's not a "Left vs Right" thing, since I see a pretty clear example on each side: people trying to present as "transgender" (or "non-binary") and human fetuses.

Think past any of your own biases and I suspect you'll at least partly agree. 

I'm sure there's some subjectivity as to the precise location of the edges or lowest point of this "valley", but the overall effect seems to be universal to the human mind. Deny it at your peril.

It's not a case of how people should feel about either issue; it's a harsh reality of human psychology. You might as well be fighting against gravity. Addressing this inherent reality might be necessary to get more universal support for either cause. 

Or you can get mad at the messenger, but that's not going to change the truth.

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