Sunday, April 23, 2017

I'll never support government dystopia

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for March 22, 2017)

Utopia isn't an option. Even if you had the power to set up society the way you think it should be, reality would step in and make your Utopia imperfect. Expect the unexpected and remember it's impossible to plan for everything.

The most important thing to keep in mind: no one can design a society. The belief that it can be done is a conceit common to governments and people who believe in them. Societies grow from the bottom up, they are not designed or imposed from the top down.

You still ought to know what you would like your personal Utopia to be like. Otherwise, how could you ever know which direction to take?

What do you wish the world were like? When you imagine your Utopia, what do you see? What are you doing to get there?

My attempt at Utopia would involve removing obstacles to liberty rather than adding anything. As long as you weren't harming anyone or their property, no one would have the power to get in your way. Nor would anyone have the power to forbid you to defend yourself from anyone harming you.

I am not qualified to run other people's lives. No one can be, no matter what supporters of government believe. So no one would be in charge of anything beyond his own concerns, unless explicitly asked by an individual to lend a hand.

There would be no such thing as "authority" as it is currently imagined. Yes, there would be experts who might inspire others, but no one could get away with pretending to hold a magic quality called "authority" which gives bullies the power to push people around.

You and I both know there would still be bad people in my Utopia. Some would try to become "the authorities" again, because they can't mind their own business. They lust for control over others, and want to steal and attack without consequence, claiming magic words can make wrong right when they act "in accordance with the law".

My Utopia wouldn't-- couldn't-- guarantee that some people won’t kill, injure, kidnap, defraud, or steal from others. Government is a guarantee that some will.

There would still be natural disasters, disease, and accidents. And, as they have always done, people will deal with them. I'll help when able.

So, even though Utopia isn't an option, I'll never support its opposite: Dystopia, empowered by government. Not even when demanded by the majority, as is the current fashion.


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Proud of the bad guys?

It's a terrible shame when someone chooses to throw their life away in service to a gang of nasty thugs. That shame is compounded by delusional friends and family who think this tragic turn of evens is something to be proud of. It's most certainly NOT.

I have known a few very messed up people who became cops. The "job" didn't really change them, but did give their messed up nature a veil of legitimacy and a free pass from the state-lovers around them. They could commit evil and get praised for it.

To my mind, this is not much of a loss. Evil remains evil.

I have also known decent people who became cops. The "job" did change them. From decent people to aggressive "tax" junkies-- even if the change wasn't visible to those around them. This is a huge loss for the world-- when a person who could have contributed decides to be a parasite instead.

It is a tragedy when any (formerly) good person joins that gang. This is nothing to be "proud" of; there is no "good" in being a cop.

Yes, it is socially acceptable to be a cop or most other types of government employee. I even know people who believe it's OK to work for the IRS or BATFEces gangs! Socially acceptable or not, it is wrong. Just as wrong as being a mass murdering rapist. You can deny it. You can hate those who point it out. It doesn't change reality. Wrong is what wrong does.

Yes, the person is choosing a safe career (vastly safer than they want you to believe), and the money paid to them is wildly out of proportion to the "dangers" faced and "service" provided (but they'll whine about being underpaid). They can pretend to be doing something "good" while living on stolen money and being safe.

If someone you know plans to join some gang of vermin who aren't government sanctioned, are you proud of that, too? Because the reality is that other gangs of thugs are probably better people than the government gang your loved one is choosing to join. The only difference lies in who supports the gang.

It tears at my gut to hear of some young person making the hideous choice to get a government "job", and it is compounded when that "job" revolves around molesting people.

Just. Don't. Do. It! It's not right even if it makes delusional people proud.

It hurts me that people I am closest to won't read this blog, and continue to fall for the lies of the archators-- while often being archators themselves. It hurts when people betray the values they claim to hold as soon as those values become inconvenient, and when standing firm would require holding their ground against popular opinion (popular with one political correctness faction or another). Wrong is wrong, even if someone you love is doing it. Even if it is socially acceptable. Even if the masses respect and support it. It's the bandwagon of death. Jump off before it's too late.

Cops. No worse than any others


This blog, like all of, is reader supported. 
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