Friday, April 15, 2022

Can Elon Musk redeem Twitter?

I like for interesting things to happen. Especially interesting things that don't hurt anyone who's innocent. So I like that Elon Musk has offered to buy Twitter.

Of course, it has Left-Statists in an absolute uproar to see their control of the narrative threatened. They are trying to pass Musk off as some "far-right" extremist. 

This same news has Right-Statists hoping their banned heroes will be returning to the platform. 

I'm just amused by the circus and enjoying the popcorn.

I'm sick of statists of every kind, but since Left-Statists have so much control over what is allowed to be discussed on "social media", anything that threatens to break that control in a meaningful way seems like a good thing. I'd feel the same if the Right-Statists were the ones with this power. 

Statism is statism, and it's all disgusting. But, obviously, the ones who are more in my face at the moment seem like the worst of a bad group-- and that just happens to be (as it has for several years, if not decades) the Left-Statists. The w0ke mob.

As I've said before, Freedom of speech is non-negotiable for me since liberty hinges on it, and I value liberty over life

I don't know if Musk will be good for free speech or not. He can't be worse than Twitler was (and Twitler's successor is). And I like to see bad things-- and the people who depend on those bad things-- get shaken up a bit.

Next, I want to see something similar threaten the BATFEces gang's current crime spree. They have certainly earned it.


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