Friday, July 26, 2019

Europe is better for some

The question was In what ways is living in Europe better than living in America?

I'm not delusional. I am sure there are things about living in Europe that are better-- or that I would consider better-- than living in America. But my subjective list wouldn't be the same as that guy's subjective list. Because much of his list is based on statist lies.

  • you get six weeks paid holidays; 
(The cost of which is going to come from somewhere, and it's not out of the employer's pocket. That's just the economic reality. Yes, it is "paid", and you are paying for it one way or another. Sorry to burst your bubble.)
  • you get universal healthcare; 
(TANSTAAFL. He means "health care" paid for through theft, and rationed as bureaucrats see fit.)
  • you get a proper pension plan; 
("Proper" in whose eyes? Paid for by whom? Where is the trade-off... or does he deny there is one? Yes, a nice pension would be... nice. And maybe if the U.S. government in America hadn't imposed "Social Security" they might be more widely available here.)
  • you can live in romantic, old cities that are 2.000 [sic] years old, in houses that are 500 years old, with modern conveniences; 
(That sounds nice. Living far from any city sounds even better.)
  • weekend trips offer abundant, historical and romantic destinations at an amazing density; you could live somewhere for ten years and go somewhere new and interesting every weekend under an hour away; 
(That has some appeal.)
  • no guns; 
(He means a government monopoly on gun possession-- a police state; not "no guns".)
  • free schools; 
(Theft-funded schools instead of education. Just like in America.)
  • free universities; 
(Theft-funded universities.)
  • life and attitudes generally seem more gentle; 
(Sheep usually do seem that way. As do the wolves-- good and bad-- who want to blend in with the sheep until they strike. Don't confuse outward demeanor for a lack of inner fire.)
  • the variety is amazing - drive an hour, and you can be in a place with a different language, architecture, cuisine, and culture entirely. 
(I'm guessing he didn't travel around America very much before he moved to Europe.)

I guess if you want socialism and a police state where only the government is properly armed, Europe (excepting some of the more enlightened places) might be "better" for you. The whole world seems to be going down the socialism sewage pipe. If that's your thing, go for it.

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