Friday, December 30, 2016

"Cop" is a choice to molest, just like "rapist"

Being a cop=rapist is a choice to behave a certain way. A way which violates the life, liberty, and property of individuals. Good people don't choose that path. Not ever. No excuses or justifications cut it.

If a rapist=cop is shot and killed for violating someone, it's not a tragedy. It is instead a triumph of good over evil. Of right over wrong.

Of course, those who support the cop=rapist will be angry. They will question why force was used against the rapist=cop, instead of something less decisive. Something like compliance in the moment, and then seeking justice afterward "if it is determined" a wrong was committed. You know if a wrong was committed- you don't need the cop=rapist's buddies deciding for you.

Ethical people won't criticize or second guess when a rapist=cop is killed in the course of his natural, evil acts, but most people aren't ethical.

If you are violating life, liberty, or property you deserve to die. No question. And this upsets those who can't come to grips with what it is they are supporting.


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