Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Believable crime solvers

My awareness of what's on TV is kind of low. I have Netflix, but nothing else, so I don't even get exposed to what's currently on the air. But, through other people, I notice a lot of shows revolving around the solving of crimes. It's an old theme, but still a popular one.

Unfortunately, they all seem to solve crimes as government employees, or in league with government employees. That's silly. Government is the biggest crime of all.

Even Sherlock, with his contempt for the stupidity of cops and his willingness to ignore "laws", still acts as though the government can be good guys, and he generally solves the case then hands the criminals over to the State.

What I would like to see is a good series based on a freelance crime solver, individual or group, who recognizes that government is just another facet of the criminal element. Who realizes that the only real crimes involve archation, thus have an individual victim.

Even if the bad guys who commit the particular crime of the week aren't government, the cops, "laws", and courts are portrayed honestly, as obstacles to justice; not on the same side as our heroes.

Obviously, I'd like to see the government employees shown to be the bad guys "even" when they are doing nothing but passing or enforcing average, every day "laws". Let's watch the heroes find out which cop was responsible for calling for a no-knock raid, and bring him to justice! Along with the rest of his gang who went along with him!

And, of course, justice on the show involves returning the victim to as near his or her "pre-violation" condition as possible- never revenge, "punishment", or a cage. Although, I could see some bad guys on the show being killed in self defense. That would still be satisfying.

Now, that's a crime show I could really enjoy!


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