Monday, February 01, 2016

Death to schools

 Education is critically important. Much too important to allow government to touch in any way, much less control. My appreciation for education explains my opposition to schooling.

Supporting "public" schools has all the ethical foundation of advocating prison for kids because you fear that otherwise they might starve or have nowhere to sleep.

To claim that without government's "public" schools, kids wouldn't be educated is like claiming that without rapists, some women wouldn't feel wanted.

Blind loyalty to statist institutions is sickening and depressing. Especially when someone ought to know better.

It apparently takes a rare person to face the reality of the evil their loved ones are deeply enmeshed in. It hurts to accept that your loved ones are harming innocent people. But honesty demands you face it.

Those indoctrination camps are how statism keeps spreading. They penetrate the young minds and reproduce once inside. You know what I consider that act, I'll bet.

They teach that "authority" is a real thing, and is where you go to learn the truth. They teach that theft and aggression are OK as long as done by "government". They train kids to be compliant and to jump at the sound of a bell. They teach what to believe rather than how to think. I hate them with every quark of my body.

I have witnessed and experienced first hand the destruction they cause to education.

Death to kinderprison. The sooner the better.