Thursday, January 14, 2021


The incoming Parasitic Political Figurehead (PPF)* spent a lot of breath after the recent selection ritual calling for "unity". (Funny, he didn't want "unity" before the ritual, only afterward.)

This was before the Expedition to Congress-- after which the mask slipped a bit with his people. Now they are frothing at the mouth to punish-- literally-- anyone who isn't "of The Body". 

They sure were quick to drop the "unity" mantra.

I'm OK with that.

I have no intention of uniting with him and his gang. Not a chance.

Why would I ever sink so low as to unite with those who believe it's OK to violate others-- to use the political means? I haven't done so in the past and I'm not about to start now. Unity with bad guys isn't anything to advocate or to be proud of. Nope. They are on their own.


*PPF Uncle Joe Bad'un has clearly indicated he is planning to declare war on gun owners when he ascends to power, and his gang is positioned to waste no time in doing so. Hopefully, their absurd, pointless vendetta against Trump will distract them for a while to give us a little more time to prepare. But I'm not counting on it. So if I seem more hostile toward him than you believe is reasonable, that's why. He has set his sights on ME. (Although, I don't have to wait to be targeted personally to oppose legislation-- I oppose it all automatically.)

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