Friday, March 23, 2018

Me, chipmunks, and a startled trail walker

I am frequently disappointed at how unobservant people are, but one time it was really funny.

On this occasion I was dressed in buckskins (as usual) and wandering around while my son was at a Cub Scout event at a park just outside of town. I had gone a ways down a trail and sat down against a tree to watch a family of chipmunks play.

There was a mother and several youngsters living in a stump. The babies were exploring while the mother kept watch over them. When I had walked up and noticed them, the mother chirped a warning, and they all disappeared into the stump. After I had sat for a while, they all came back out. The babies were very curious about me and were soon crawling all over me while their mother had conniptions. I just sat there, still and quiet, letting them explore.

After some time the chipmunks and I heard someone coming down the trail. They all vanished back into the stump. Soon a woman came up the trail and as she approached, looking right at me, I said "Hi".

She yelped and jumped a foot or so into the air. "I thought you were a statue!"

I apologized for startling her, and she continued on down the trail.

Why there would be a statue in the dirt, in full color, in such a place made no sense to me. I think she just didn't register me as human and her mind made up an excuse to explain it.

But I was accustomed to accidentally scaring people (and their dogs) if I let them see me in the woods. So I got to where I just never let them see me, unless I had a reason. It was, occasionally, hilarious.

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Statism is weakness of character

Supporting government, and believing it is "necessary", is a sign of weak character. Moral weakness, perhaps-- ethical weakness, for certain.

Recently I saw where someone was told to "go live in the woods" when he said he believed all human interactions should be voluntary and this was why he didn't "do" politics. Really.

So the statist believes that in order to live among other humans, you must believe in molesting each other. Statism is insane, as well as being unethical.

How can a person with a decent character believe that way? They can't.

If you believe in governing others, you need to grow up. You need to face the reality that you are the one who needs to isolate yourself from society. You are the one with the serious psychological issues; not those you scoff at.

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