Saturday, August 02, 2014

Fear and loathing traps the bad guys

The people who call themselves "government" are terrified of you.

I see it everywhere.

More and more government buildings are surrounded by concrete barriers.

Roads are constantly closed near government buildings.

Government buildings are having their entrances closed for "access control".

These cowards are trapped in their own "safety cages"- and I can't figure out the sense of letting them ever venture out.

And, of course, any "mundane" such as you or me must be electronically stripped naked before entering to make sure we aren't exercising any rights which "shall not be infringed", but which make it dangerous for the bad guys to violate us.

Here, even the Air Force's guy in charge of the local base is so incredibly cowardly he browbeat the local government into permanently closing a road because he said it was too hard to control, and it presented an extreme risk for his air base. And these are the clowns who statists insist must be supported to "protect" the rest of us. LOL!

Actual, real "terrorism" is almost non-existent. Pro-liberty acts which "government" spokescritters call "terrorism" aren't much more common. To spend all this stolen money to guard against something that is so rare is paranoia.

But the truth is, all these precautions are because of you and me; not "radical Islam". They only make that excuse so you don't realize who they see as the real threat to their scam.

This fear and cowardice amuses me and tells me I am on the winning side. Sure, fear can make the bad guys strike out excessively and hurt a lot of innocent people. Doing so will alienate some more of their supporters, though. They have to realize, subconsciously at least, that their time is running out. And that makes me smile.