Privacy & ID

Why ID?

Control freaks are always looking for some form of standardized ID they can "require" you to carry. The thought that they might stop you and not be able to identify you scares them to death.

So, they intend to make it impossible for you to go through life without their "papers".

There is nothing inherently wrong with carrying ID of some sort. It can show you are a "member in good standing" of some organization. It can show you have completed some training or shown an ability to do some specific task- which is NOT what "driver's licenses" actually do, by the way.

The problem is trying to force people to carry any particular ID, and then trying to violate their life, liberty, and property if they refuse (or forget).

For those bullies calling themselves "government" to pretend to have "authority" to demand you carry ID just shows how illegitimate they are.

The only reason to possess the ID is to be tracked and controlled. It is not in your interests.

It doesn't make you a bad person to not possess the papers showing you are a "citizen" when molested by the borderist bullies. It doesn't make you a bad driver if you don't possess the "license" demanded by the highwaymen of the Blue Line Gang. It only gives them another excuse to murder you if you don't have your papers in order and ready to show them. What is this? 1960's Communist East Germany? No, it's the new Police State USA. They really truly "hate us for our freedoms" and are determined to make us likable by getting rid of every vestige of freedom or liberty they possibly can.

Those calling themselves "the US government" continue doing to the individuals in America the exact thing they claimed the 9/11 terrorists wanted: destroying freedom. The "US government" is the largest terrorist organization the world has ever seen. The "US" does not negotiate with terrorists- it becomes the terrorists. I don't honor or respect bad guys.

Not to Be Trusted?

Does anyone really feel that they, personally, need to be tracked and controlled by anyone? Or do they feel that only other people need to be watched, and that in order to accomplish this, they are willing to put up with it themselves?

In either case, to be so suspicious of one's fellow humans is pathetic. To hand them over to bullies of "the State" to satisfy one's paranoia is even worse; it is evil.

How can any peaceable individuals be worse than a group of people who work openly to enslave you? Those calling themselves "government" are insulated from taking the blame and receiving real consequences of destructive actions. There is safety for those individuals in numbers. So who should really not be trusted?

Why not require tracking collars on politicians and other government employees at all times? Why not make them all submit to humiliating random drug tests and constant surveillance? After all, they are the ones who can do the most damage to Rightful Liberty.

As tempting as it is, it would still be wrong. As libertarians we have the moral high-ground. The best idea is to simply start seeing them for what they really are- bullies who are pathetic slaves to their superstition: the superstition of "authority". Don't track them, just defend yourself from them. And stop pretending they are anything other than what they are.

Libertarians: Amish of the Future?

I once watched "2057" on The Discovery Channel, a program looking at "life fifty years from now", and wondering where privacy will be in the future. It was mentioned a few times on the show, but only in passing.

Will liberty lovers be left out of the wonders of the future if we do not accept the intrusions and controls of the all-seeing State? Will we be the Amish of the future? Will we, will liberty, become obsolete? That is a scary thought.

Or will the world be divided into the urban areas of great technology, but zero privacy, and rural areas of greater privacy, but less technology? Probably the liberty lovers will be expected to put up with the intrusive State, and pay for it, but will not get any of its supposed "benefits" because we won't or can't afford it.

We are already viewed as paranoiacs just because we can see the drawbacks of giving up liberty for (false) security. We are already being marginalized because we don't ask for permission to do the things we know we have an inborn right to do. What happens if you object to being sexually molested by the no-IQ trolls of the TSA at the airport? Try explaining to some "authority" believer why you have no "driver's license". Try to retain a bit of privacy when you open a bank account.

Imagine how much harder it will be in the future if things don't change course soon.

It will be hard, but we must never give up. It will be easier to hold onto what we have, than to try to get it back if we give in now.

Then again, government meddling has many of the wondrous things that were predicted fifty years ago from coming to pass, maybe it will prevent these wonders too. That's too bad. I would really like a flying car, even if I balk at anyone saying they "require" a license and registration for using one.


Privacy means different things to different people.

Some people believe that if you do not disclose every tiny detail of your life you are hiding something. Others believe that "it ain't nobody's business".

Where do you draw the line? Do you need to know the sexual orientation of the guy across the room? Do you need to know if your cousin smokes pot? What if your hairdresser has a fully automatic AK-47?

On the other hand, it would be good to know if your doctor keeps botching procedures; this is information you need to know. Feedback and word of mouth can keep you informed of things like this.

Unless or until private issues affect you in some direct way, you have no right to know anything about any of these peoples' private lives.

People who feel the need to know things like this used to be called "busy-bodies".

Those using the excuse of "authority" have become the worst busy-bodies the world has ever known. They are shriveled little tyrants who have nothing better to do than to try to snoop, categorize, and punish every little "deviation" from what they believe should be.

This is the reason for national IDs (also known as "driver's licenses") and for Social Security numbers. Nothing but tracking numbers to control you. Control freaks, for their own purposes, want to learn everything they can about you, then use that information to control the aspects of your life they do not approve of.

Guess what.... you do not need the approval of anyone to live in Rightful Liberty. Your private life is your business, unless you choose to make it someone else's business. Choose carefully.

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