Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The "Thin Blue Line" vs Liberty

Liberty will eventually need to tear through the "Thin Blue Line" if it is to survive and thrive. Accept it. There is no other enemy capable of doing so much to violate Rightful Liberty, and at some point that enemy will have to be faced and dealt with- it would be nice to believe they could be reasoned out of their evil.

Illustration and idea by George Tirebiter. Commentary by me.


Pageant winners

The time is coming when you will be encouraged to add your tiny, insignificant vote to an avalanche of other insignificant votes so a new crop of rulers can be selected to meddle in your private affairs and find new and exciting ways to steal from you- and decide they need to steal more and more.

Yep, elections are coming.

Maybe instead of calling this nasty ritual an "election", we should call it something more accurate. Something like a pageant of slavery.

The control freaks would call you crazy for calling it that.