Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Statist wrongness

Right-Statists ("conservatives") are wrong when:
  • they support police,
  • they want government to regulate/control "immigration",
  • they want government to ban abortion,

Left-Statists ("liberals"/"progressives" [sic]) are wrong when:

  • they support Antifa,
  • they want government to import people from other countries and give them stuff,
  • they want government to use stolen money ("taxes") to pay for abortions,

That's just a tiny list; it could be expanded to the size of Wikipedia. 

They are both wrong on several things they agree on, such as the legitimacy of political government and ruling over other people. Or even things like v*ting, "Don't abolish Social Security" or the legitimacy of government schooling.

The wrongness comes from advocating archation or supporting those who commit it.

Now, maybe you think I'm being too hard on statists. If they'd keep their filthy state off my life I'd be happy to leave them to their statist consequences. But that goes against everything they are willing to do. They can't allow people to opt out, or it delegitimizes their "system". They can't have that. Their ideas are so great they have to force them on me. And on you. Are you going to sit quietly and take it?


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