Wednesday, December 27, 2023

A warning from an enemy

Klaus Schwab— “You have this anti-system movement…There is of course an anti-system which is called libertarianism. Which means to tear down everything which creates some kind of influence of government into private lives.” (link)

Schwab is an evil loser every bit as much as any mass shooter or freelance terrorist. He just uses politics as his "assault weapon".

If a system is based on archation-- which his system is-- it needs to be dismantled and opposed. It doesn't need to be fixed. It needs to be torn down. Destroyed forever and salt poured upon the ruins.

Those who want government to have any influence in your private life are your enemy. They are pro-slavery. They are evil. Klaus is a lot of things, but none of them in any way good or benevolent.

He has laid out his plans for you. You've been warned. Are you going to believe him, or give him the benefit of the doubt?
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Thank you.