Monday, June 27, 2022

A couple of points about guns

1. Trustworthy people don't ban/forbid guns. They just don't. Not to anyone. The proper response to a bad guy with a gun is an armed defense, not a rule, policy, or legislation.

2. When the 2nd Amendment was written it was meant to be absolute. Yes, in spite of the lies of anti-gun bigots, you could own cannons and better weapons than the military because what the 2nd Amendment did was take government oversight off the table. It didn't create the right to own and to carry weapons-- it forbade government any say in what they recognized was a natural human right held by everyone (a right not only held by people in America, but everywhere). It is still absolute; only criminal regimes violate it. "But every government puts some restrictions on guns!" Yep. That's what I said-- criminal regimes.


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