Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The gloves are off in Europe

WARNING: NSFW! Sex and violence galore!

Here is a European ad to "encourage" voting. It's more honest about the violence inherent in the process than most- even if it stops at the voting booth and doesn't show the violence that comes from that.

If you still want to view it, here's the link (I don't wish to embed it here): "Voteman"


Unintentional statist humor

A while back I received this inquiry from a local political group's "leader":

"Do you know anyone in [Town X] who would carry the petition for Voter ID to the clerk's office to register it on May 1?"

I responded: "Most of the people I know [with regards to this sort of thing] are pretty opposed to politics, so I'm not sure who would take a petition."

The reply: "This isn't exactly politics.. its about voting and using photo ID's to assure that the person voting is the person registered and qualified to vote."