Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Doing it for the love of the thing

If "government" doesn't do certain things, by forcing people to do them, or by funding those things through "taxation", they just won't get done.  Right?

Well, no.

One of the "things I do" is orphaned and/or injured animal rescue.  I have done it since I was a pre-teen.  It pays nothing, and in fact, sometimes costs considerably more (in food, medicine, supplies, and occasionally vet bills) than I can afford.  And those who find the animals that need to be rescued almost never think of helping defray the expense*- and I don't ask because I'd rather they not hesitate to call me for help when it's needed.  I'll find a way, somehow.

Because it matters to me, I do it anyway.

In fact, I just took on a new rescue Monday.

How it is possible that I do this without being coerced, or without seeking "government" subsidies?  I thought this was supposed to mean these necessary functions would go neglected.  I truly believe people are better than that.  Sure, as long as someone is willing to use theft and coercion to make something happen, there will be those doing it who otherwise wouldn't.  What good is that for anyone?

I'd rather see people filling a need because they want to, than because they see it as a way to get (stolen) money or (illegitimate) power.  But if they can get rich doing what they love, without theft or fraud (redundant, I know), and even if it affords them a certain amount of power, as long as it isn't based upon aggression or threats, then they can still fill a place in the world that I will not complain about.  I might even envy them a little on weak days.

I take pleasure knowing that art, charity, creativity, and all the other small good stuff will still be a part of the world even when there is no gun in the room forcing anyone to pursue it.  Don't you?

*It has happened exactly twice in all the years.

And please don't forget.