Saturday, July 15, 2017

Misguided emails

The libertarian causes that "conservatives" share with me seem to be under greater assault than the libertarian causes that "progressives" share with me.

As an example, anti-gun bigotry is rampant while anti-Cannabis bigotry seems to be on the decline.

Of course, with Trump's regime-- his pro-loser stance and his plans for a Great Prison Wall-- that wind is swirling drunkenly in multiple directions at once. Which way it will be blowing tomorrow is unclear.

Anyhow, looking at the past rather than the future, this explains how I ended up on a few "conservative" email lists. And they keep sending emails seeking my support for decidedly anti-liberty causes, and that's just not going to go anywhere. Other than the spam folder.

Too bad they don't have to pay me when they send me reprehensible pro-State drivel.

At least they sometimes give me examples of statist idiocy that I can turn into a blog post. Sometimes. Usually there's nothing even remotely unique, creative, or usable in the stuff they squirt out. Just the same old junk they've been offering for centuries, packaged in a new form.

Thank you for helping support