Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Begging enforcers to molest you no further

I have said before I don't believe in "magic words"- the incantations which will make thugs calling themselves "authority" drop you like a hot potato covered in fire ants infected with plague, and back away to let you live in peace.

A while back, somewhere, I saw a suggestion of the only thing recommended to say to an enforcer who tries to get you to speak. I don't know... maybe it is a good idea. I present it here, along with my parenthetical comments, for your consideration.

"With all due respect, officer ['all due' being zero], I [they inserted 'wish to' here. No, I don't 'wish' anything of the sort. I either do or I do not] assert my 4th and 5th Amendment rights [and, obviously the inalienable Human Rights those are a weak reflection of]. I do not answer questions from 'law enforcement' without my attorney present, nor do I agree to a search of my person or property. I would like to go now. Am I free to go?"

It sounds like groveling and begging to me, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But blood toasted by high voltage might taste worse. Anytime you are dealing with a power-mad coward who is consumed with paranoia, and armed, the slightest hesitation to lick his boots can result in summary execution. Decide for yourself what you are willing to do to survive another day.