Thursday, July 21, 2016

Parental responsibility and the internet

My eight year-old daughter loves the internet.

While I see how much it is helping her learn so many things, and increasing her reading ability enormously, I know there are dangers.

I have to watch and make sure she doesn't give out personal information, or her location. And have explained why it isn't something I want her to do.

I ask her to let me know if anyone gets "too interested" in her- although her interaction seems to be limited (so far) to posting comments on Youtube videos.

I pay attention to what she finds and wants to show me- and sometimes it is something I have to warn her about, or explain. I'm always there, and I don't judge her for what she finds interesting or scary. That's parenting.

The benefits of her being online outweigh- to me- the dangers. But I know it is my responsibility to watch out and protect her.

I see some parents who seem to resent that necessity, and fall back on "parental blocking" and such, but it's a job I willingly take on. If it weren't the internet, it would be something else. It's always something.

I don't want "laws" or anything else advocated, passed, or enforced to supposedly "protect" her.

Out there in the real world, there are no "parental blocks". And, kids will always find a way around them anyway. Might as well step up and start helping the kids learn to navigate the world now.

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