Monday, March 21, 2016

Everyone is "liberal"

Just as silly as "Right vs Left" is the idea of "conservative vs liberal".

Simply, the "conservative" wants things to stay as they are, and the "liberal" (or "progressive") wants change.

But, there are no political people who don't vary on that point, depending on the topic.

Some want anti-gun "laws" to increase, some want them to decrease. Some want "taxation" to go up, some want it to go down, and some want it to be recognized as theft and go away. Everyone is a "liberal"- no one wants everything to stay exactly the same.

There may be some who are truly "conservative" on an issue or two, and who want that one thing to stay the same, but even these people want "progress"- however they might define it- in other areas.

Now, some want things to go back to "how they were", or to how they imagine them to have once been. That's not conservative, either, since it still involved radical change.

Me, I'd like to take the best things from the past, keep the best things from the present, and add the best things the future can come up with to maximize human liberty and minimize aggression and theft. Yes, that's very liberal and progressive, so unlike the statists who call themselves "liberal" or "progressive" but are really just statists who only want to change things toward more draconian control of everything that they fear or hate.