Monday, November 06, 2017

Who's responsible?

A while back I saw someone who wanted to make the NRA pay for the medical and funeral expenses of the Las Vegas evil loser's victims. I'm sure he feels the same about yesterday's victims of the evil loser in the Texas church-- or will as soon as he thinks of it.

I guess he's one of those "special" folk who believes the NRA is actually pro-gun rights. LOL!!

But, wait... what is he demanding?

The NRA doesn't manufacture or sell guns. It doesn't encourage evil losers to go out and murder people-- in fact it does quite the opposite as long as you're not a cop or a troop (and yes, it makes exceptions for them, because it loves and worships them with all its shriveled little heart and its fat bank account). The NRA's gun safety programs used to be the big selling point for membership, and safety necessarily includes not shooting innocent people.

The NRA has as much to do with actual guns as Facebook does with breeding cats.

But, if the guy had faced this reality, I'm sure he would have just switched to wanting to force gun manufacturers and sellers to pay the expenses. Or, forcing their insurance companies to pay, if that fails.

And that's just as stupid.

Using a car analogy, as he was doing before running away... If you sell a car and some time later the guy you sold it to (or someone he sold it to) uses that car to plow into a group of kindergarteners, injuring hundreds and killing a bunch of them, should you or your insurance cover the medical and funeral expenses? Or is the evil loser driver responsible for his actions, and should he be held responsible-- or should his insurance  company (if he has any) be financially responsible, according to the contract they have with him?

If, after all this, there's simply not a pocket deep enough to cover all the expenses, either get charity to help, or suck it up. Robbing people to pay for something they didn't do is evil. And so is "regulating" guns.

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