Saturday, February 14, 2015

States against one of their own kind

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The problem other States have with the Islamic State isn't really the evil behavior its followers display. It's that they are breaking the rules of "civilized war" openly.

They have violated the rules the other massive murder engines called "nations" have agreed to follow when they participate in that State ritual called "war".

They openly use their superstitions as justification and motivation for killing, rather than hiding the superstitious nature of why they do what they do.

They murder their targets "hands on", up close in front of cameras, instead of at a distance, behind cover. It's not polite to display your murders so openly.

They behead and burn instead of bomb and shoot.

Evil is evil, and the Islamic State is evil because it is a State and also because it is Islamic. But to somehow conclude it is worse than other States, because it is open about what States are and what they do, is ridiculous.