Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Undue power over others

I don’t like anything which gets in the way of people exercising their rights.

That includes, but isn't limited to, government/corporations. Anyone with power over someone can prevent them from doing things they have a right to do.

Perhaps the problem is letting anyone have power over others. At least, undue power. 

Then there's the subjectivity of how much power is "undue". 

Some amount of power over your young children is necessary. Some amount of power over employees is too. In those cases, when you get in the way of people doing things they have a right to do-- things that don't really have an impact over the things you need to control-- I see it as undue power.

Your kid wants to color the apple blue instead of red? Your kid wants to wear their favorite shirt to the family gathering instead of the one you picked out? Who does it hurt? Let them. It's not the same as letting your kid eat only marshmallows for a month because that's what they want.

Controlling employees is very similar. Some things actually affect their value to you in a bad way; you aren't getting what you're paying for. Other things don't. Reasonable power recognizes (and respects) the difference.

But, since there's really no choice involved in government having power over you, government power is always undue power. It is never legitimate. Not even a little.

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