Saturday, March 04, 2017

Cops I have known

I feel bad for the good people I have known who became cops. I know some of them had the best of intentions. Yes, some saw the pay and the "authority" as tempting bait, but even those managed to convince themselves this was a way they could do good while collecting rewards. Maybe they were even still good people as long as they were off the clock, but no one can be good while being a cop. Not anyone.

I have also known those who had aggressive tendencies and gravitated to "police work". I'm sure that's not a surprise to you. I know one who did something highly "illegal" (but victimless) just before he became a cop. And another who constantly had to be carried out of a bar because she invariably drank til she passed out- do I think her self-control improved after she put on the badge? Ha.

I have known some good ex-cops. They were disgusted with what cops have become, of course, but even they weren't good people while they were being cops. They only regained their goodness after they quit that "job".

I have also known current cops I mostly got along with. When not "policing", they were OK, but while being a cop, they weren't good. In fact, some were downright horrible. One thing I never forget: if around a cop, never forget he is a cop first, an acquaintance second. Never let your guard down. Never mistake him (or her) for someone you can trust.


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