Saturday, June 10, 2023

Hate group points fingers

The "Southern" [sic] Poverty-exploiting Law(yer) Center (SPLC), a well-known hate group, has declared that parental rights groups are "anti-government hate groups".

How interesting.

Usually, I'd say "it takes one to know one", but in this case, they don't make any sense.

Government is the embodiment of hatred. It runs on hate, feeds hatred, and creates hate with nearly everything it does. What ethical person wouldn't hate that?

So the hate group (SPLC) says that if your group is against anything the biggest hate group (government) does, you are a hate group. You are guilty of anti-hate. Wouldn't this make you a hate hater? 

That seems odd. Now I'm confused.

Especially considering that many "parental rights" advocates aren't even anti-government. They love Big Brother-- they just want it to do things their way. What a weak and pointless hate group.


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