Friday, December 15, 2017

Making people unhappy

I need to stop having such high expectations for other people (in general). I'm completely serious. It makes them uncomfortable or unhappy.

It's not that I would ever do anything to anyone who didn't meet my unreasonable expectations, but they don't like hearing what I expect of those who call themselves "libertarians" when they aren't willing to live up to it. I'm not even talking about calling out specific individuals-- I don't usually do that-- just pointing out what libertarianism means, and pointing out things that don't meet the criteria.

I'm actually harder on myself than I am on others. I usually know the right thing to do, even if I don't manage to stay on course. I suspect others are the same.

I guess I shouldn't point out ways in which people who call themselves "libertarian" don't live up to the label they claim in certain areas. I shouldn't point out inconsistencies in what they advocate that could lead observers to the wrong conclusion.

Just like Christians should be quiet about some guy who worships Satan while claiming to be a Christian. Who are they to say he's not acting like a Christian? He may be doing the best he can, in the society and circumstances in which he finds himself. Expecting that he pick a side and either stop claiming Christianity or stop worshiping Satan is unreasonable. Right? How much Satan worship can a Christian engage in without tainting the label "Christian"?

Well, how much State/State employee worship (or apologetics) can a libertarian engage in without tainting the label "libertarian". I'm thinking none. Maybe that's just me.

If there could be a State that wasn't built on theft and aggression, and if there could be State employees who didn't advance the agenda of the State in any way-- not even by giving it a veil of legitimacy-- and who NEVER participated in the State's theft and aggression, and never supported those State employees who do, then maybe a little Statism would be OK. But that's a magical unicorn of a different color.

As I see it, if you are OK with some aspects of the State, that's between you and your conscience. I'm not going to excuse those parts of the State you like just because I like you or agree with you in every other area. If you truly believe you are right, then don't worry about my opinion on that point. I'll be disappointed, but I'll survive. It's my problem, not yours. As long as you keep your filthy government off my life, that is.

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