Saturday, February 22, 2014

Avoid consideration of liberty at all costs

I wrote this to be this week's CNJ column- it was rejected. So here ya go- a freebie.

I always enjoy reading the polls in the Clovis News Journal, but I rarely answer them. I can't. They don't offer an option I could choose.

The current question as I write this is: "If an airline offered passenger service to Dallas-Fort Worth would you be more or less inclined to fly directly from Clovis?"

I am offered the options of "More", "Less", or "Depends on the cost".

How about "None of the above"?

Taken in a vacuum, I could say I would be more likely to fly if there were direct flights, if the cost were affordable, and if I ever had any reason to go to Dallas or Fort Worth, but that would give a false impression. The truth is I won't ever fly again unless it is a life or death situation, or unless the airport security silliness which is currently forced upon airline passengers dies a well-deserved death.

Yes, I will be "inclined to fly" again once the TSA and its security theater dog and pony show have gone the way of the dodo, have not been replaced by anything, and I am allowed to fly while appropriately armed. And no, a bullet hole in the skin of a plane will not cause a catastrophic decompression as movies would have you believe, but if you (or the airline) are concerned about it anyway, there is always "frangible ammunition".

Back to the subject of polls, I have noticed that there is rarely an option that provides for the absence of regulatory or confiscatory action, along with the ever-present threat of enforcement, by The State.

I am asked what level of taxation I agree with, or how I want to see tax money spent, but not whether I want my friends and neighbors' money left with those who earned it rather than being taken from them under some pretext.

Or I am asked "Have you signed up with the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange?" Where's the "I won't" option? Once again, "None of the above" would suffice.

As in all things political, I am given the option to choose between statist choice A or statist choice B, while the option to choose liberty is never offered. Fortunately, no one needs permission to begin to exercise their liberty- just courage and determination.

This is why I have been informed I am an "outlier", and my opinions- the only opinions which actually respect your inalienable human right to control your own life and property- don't count in the political arena and are hidden from view to avoid confusing the people.