Friday, December 01, 2023

Archation culture

Some cultures are based on archation. I don't like or support those cultures.

Police (and other gang) culture, cultures that are overtly political, and any culture that calls for the destruction of "others" are all based on archation. They are not a net positive for the world.

You get what you dish out. It's often called self-defense.

If you are part of one of those archation-based cultures and anyone encourages others to fight back against your initiated violence or property violations you really can't complain. Or, I guess you can, but I won't take your complaints seriously because you're asking for it with what you dispense or support. My sympathy is going to be greatly limited by what you do.

A robber who gets killed in the act of mugging someone has reaped what he was sowing. Good.
Gang-bangers who get shot when they've spent years putting others in peril with their acts of aggression aren't going to get a tear from my eye. 
I don't care about a cop killed "in the line of duty" when that "duty" involves violating the rights of people on a daily basis. Live by archation; die by archation.
The same goes for politicians who've spent decades imposing legislation designed to crush liberty. Good riddance to smelly garbage!
If you're a member of a cultural group known for killing anyone who isn't a member of your in group, don't be too surprised when I'm not enthusiastic in my condemnation of anyone who decides to strike back. Even if I don't support the way they strike back. You chose sides and you chose poorly. You chose a culture of archation over cooperation and mutual respect, so how can you demand cooperation and respect?

I don't support archation culture, and I am not sympathetic when its bloody chickens come home to roost.

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