Tuesday, June 27, 2023

The sucking parasites are here

As much as I hate the Giant Mesquite Bugs that swarm my little mesquite bush every summer, at least I know when to expect them and when they'll be gone again. 

They showed up Monday, June 25th during the day. They'll be gone before Summer is past its hottest days, giving the mesquite a chance to recover somewhat before Fall.

I guess politicians, those other sucking parasites, are also predictable, They hang around 24/7, 365.24+ days per year. You can plan around their presence that way.

I wish politicians had the manners to completely die off and leave us unmolested for most of the year, like my enemies the Giant Mesquite Bugs do. That would be a service of sorts.

Of the two, I much prefer the Bugs, even as much as I hate them. To vent my frustration with the Bugs I can-- and have-- bought a can of bug spray and wreaked a holocaust on them. More swarm in to replace the dead by the next morning, but it feels satisfying to do this every few years anyway. 

For some unfathomable reason, it is frowned upon when you do the same to politicians. Go figure...

Thank you!