Sunday, July 13, 2014

Admiration is earned. Or not.

From time to time I get a comment that asks this question: "Isn't there any country or government anywhere in the world you admire?"

What an odd question.

Not long ago I countered by asking the commenter "Is there any rapist you admire?"

Because, for me, the answer is obvious. How can you admire something that is not admirable? Something which has no admirable qualities at all? If, by "country", you mean a political region.

If you mean the individuals, the land, the natural wonders, my friends and family who live there- then, sure, I love and admire America. Because I know the place. Nationalists would be shocked, but I am sure I would feel the same no matter where I had been born and raised. (So I am not surprised, jealous, or angry when others express the same about their "country".)

My admiration is reserved for those people and things which have earned it.

But, if you mean the political region, then NO. There is nothing to admire.

Same with all governments. Government is based on theft and aggression, so how can I admire one?